The Enchanted Cafe
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  03/26/16        Facebook Page

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This is going to be simple and straightforward. Been there before, needed some baklava, and we’re back again. This time we ordered a pretty standard breakfast instead of looking for something different. The place is still uniquely wacky (see the Easter Tree, etc.), the people have always been incredibly nice, and their baklava is homemade and killer.


  The woman who bakes it sent us a couple of pieces of her sugar free variation, which turned out to be better than most folks full-on-dessert attempts. The decorated box full of our Easter treats was excellent as well. Scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns (extra crispy) were exactly that. The corned beef hash and over easy were also well done. There’s quite a bit of charm in the Enchanted Café.

My First Easter Tree

Things Are A Little Different In The Land Of Enchantment...& In Barberton


Trial Of Sugar Free...They Make Light Crispy Awesome

Corned Beef Hash Is On Point


Eggs, Toast & Browns...You Want The Browns X-tra Crispy...


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  B- B Great People, Solid Standard Fare, Opportunity For Unfamiliar
And Just Enough Nutty For Fun & Baklava
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The Enchanted Cafe
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/24/12        No Known Website   

So, on an early morning outfitting run, Steph’s Dad continues to bring new places to light…this one sounds magical. Chosen as the number one breakfast place in Barberton, The Enchanted Cafe isn’t set in a mystical forest, more of a desolate, suburban, miles-square, potholed parking lot. Right next to Dee's 50 The two of us stopped for breakfast and Steph and I returned for lunch. Our server in the morning might have forgotten about us for a bit but her momentary lapse was made up for by the guy we are thinking is at least part owner. If the conversation and apparel are any indication he might have opened a restaurant to support a golf habit.



Leprechauns Have Pots Of Gold...Apparently Elves Have Pots Of Tootsie Rolls

He greeted us at the door, knew almost everyone else walking in, constantly checked in on folks and did everything from ring up checks to washing dishes while we were there. Outside of the single stumble service was relaxed and efficient. The interior of the place is similar to Twigs as long as you replace the hats with elves, wacky. The phone number even spells out elves. For breakfast we had a standard two egger and the strata which was featured in the picture from Akron magazine on the counter. By report the eggs and hash browns were exactly what we were looking for. The hash browns themselves looked awesome with a brown crunchy crust, I wanted to order some but I already had two thick cubes of eggy strata on my plate. My mom makes this egg, bread, cheese and meat breakfast casserole most Christmas mornings. The Café offered sausage or bacon and the server recommended the bacon. It was good, much like my mothers and aided with a few dashes of hot sauce. Instead of the hash browns the strata is served with Mystic potatoes which are shreds of potato and some onion are coated in a cheese sauce. Not bad but I missed the visible crisp of the regular version.
Very Breakfasty

Have Never Had Strata In A Restaurant

Dense Cubes Of Breakfast Things Were Fine

Not Mystic Exactly But Cheesy

Drawn back for lunch by the two-elved painting on the wall promising great baklava, we were again greeted by the owner and served by a different young lady. The menu says the chili is award winning, so we tried a bit and added a Reuben with fries and the house Kafta burger with onion rings. The chili was fine and gave some indication there is Greek heritage at work here. Strong notes of cinnamon which is more common in Greek chili mixes made for a serviceable stew. The ground beef was oddly mealy but overall it had a functional flavor. The Kafta burger is strongly spiced with Mediterranean  flavors, giving the lasting effect of a Greek meatloaf, not bad and better without the typical condiments as suggested. The onion rings were fairly good and much better than the fries which seem fresh cut but are mis-fried and unsatisfying. The same couldn’t be said of the Reuben, not very Greek but the corned beef was wonderfully lean and featured deep tones of the curing process. Add a super melty cheese that neared the consistency of warm cream cheese, rye, sauerkraut and Russian dressing and you have a delicious sandwich.


Chili Won The Okay Award

Surprisingly Good Corned Beef

The House Specialty Burger

Loads of Mediterranean Spice In The Kafta Patty

We ordered some baklava to go. The elves on the wall looked down upon us as we walked out the door with it. Had I known then what I know now the elves might have appeared more magical than creepy. The baklava is one of the best I’ve ever had. Simple construction and obviously fresh this crispy nutty treat was just right. Not dry, not sweating, great ratio of filo dough to filling, these little nuggets practically guarantee a return to the land of enchantment.

Elves Make A Promise

Which The Baklava Delivers





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        Baklava & Beef Fries & Rings    
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