The Erie Depot
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/31/16        
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Got a tip, new place open in Barberton. Mostly ice creamy shop, but does serve sandwiches. The next day, there we are. Folks have renovated the Erie Railroad Depot and seems to me theyíve done well. It instantly made me think of the places we used to go up at the lake once a year. Relaxed place, simple menu, feels like summer.



Nicely Quaint Interior Reminds Me Of Lakesisde

The sandwiches can be served on bread but their more interesting option is the waffold, stuffed into a folded waffle. I wonít go so far as to say it was a revelation, but it was unique. The waffle itself isnít extraordinary, nor was the pulled pork in the first version.

The Monte Cristo version seemed an improvement on the filling front. A fair pile of ham and turkey is usually topped with melted provolone (we went with pepperjack) all dusted with powdered sugar and served with a little cup of jelly. Not a bad outing, seems much like old summers.

They serve Deep River chips, kettle-fried and if they are deep in anything itís flavor. It might even be a bit much for some. Both the salt n vinegar and the cheddar horseradish had aggressive intensity, towards the limit of my taste and past the limit of others.

The Waffold Is An Interesting Approach

But The Q Isn't Interesting

Sugar, Jam, Cheese, Etc...

Make The Monte Christo More

Never Heard Of Deep River Before

They Are NOT Subtle, I Like That

Where we were hoping for something special was in the frozen treat realm. At the lake, there was always a superior ice cream outlet where you would find yourself a few times during the week. Not quite at the Depot. The menu says Italian water ice. Other places have just called it Italian ice with much less emphasis on the water. The straight up cherry didnít have the same fruity punch as Johnnies or the Silver Fox, too much Italian water. They offer something called a train freeze, water ice on top of vanilla soft serve. Interesting but would be more interesting with more tropical or watermelon from the ice. There were nice enough to split them, so we could try both flavors. Nice little place, evokes memories, with right around average food.


Oh, Just For A Little More Cherry

Creaminess Of Ice Cream Helped But Not Enough



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