Fadó Irish Pub
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  11/07/13         

We had just been to a presentation on human trafficking which was even closer to home and more distressing than you might think, so a pour of Guinness seemed like a great idea. Fadó is an Irish pub with about a dozen locations with ours in Easton. The interior is a pretty modern interpretation of a pub with loads of wood, inscriptions in Gaelic, scarves of football teams hanging in the rafters and all sorts of knick-knacks meant to transport you to the Emerald Isle. Our server was a little odd. She couldn't come to our table without looking at herself in the mirror for more than a couple seconds. It gave a sense of disconnect.



Even The Condiments Are Pretty Authentic

The most impressive portion of the program is the perfect pour. The Guinness folk are serious about how you pull a pint and offer training to those who offer the draft. These people take it seriously.

Angle of the glass, letting the cascade settle, topping it off, a perfect nitrogen mix…it all happened, I watched. It was a darkly wonderful pour. We also tried a finger of Redbreast Irish whiskey, the single-pot, 12 year variety which was a chewy and complex sip.

So the fruit of the barley is passable, it’s time to see if the food measures up. We ordered a couple of apps, bites and fish and followed that up with a sandwich and a stew. The bites were shepherds pie nuggets, light crispy pie shells with layers of meaty stew and colcannon potato and cabbage mix. I was so happy to find a way to get some of this classic and still be able to try something else. They’re tasty.

Not Made Here But They Draw It Well

Along With A Breadth Of Irish Whiskeys

The shells barely held together until they were dealt to the teeth where they allowed the rich interior and topping loose. We also tried the mini fish and chips cup with nicely battered white fish served with thick potato wedges and the typical acidic sides. Not bad at all. Then things got really tasty.

We tried the Guinness beef stew, ladled over colcannon potatoes and a superiorly rich demi glace. If this is the Irish version of roast beef and mash, I’m in. Tender and thick with earthy Guinness and opulent beefy goodness. I ordered the pulled lamb French dip. Long braised tender lamb on a toasted hoagie roll with cheddar and a monkey dish of adhesive lamb jus that just hugged the sandwich with a torrential punch of lightly gamey but deep lambiness.


Fun Version Of The Shepherds

Small Package. Classic Deep Flavor


Fish & Chips Weren't AS Good But Better Than Most

The Beef Stew Is Serious Comfort With Weight

Fadó makes me proud of the little bit of my heritage which is Irish, my family apparently consists of Heinz 57 varieties and the Celtic percentage is pleased. 

Food that says:

May you always have...
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.

And if not...There's always Guinness.

My First Lamb "French" Dip. Maybe The Irish Do It Better




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