Five Daughters Bakery
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/16/17  

So, too much Proper Bagel brings us quickly to no more than single bites at second breakfast at the home of the 100 layer doughnuts, Five Daughters Bakery. The 100 layers bear some resemblance to the vaunted Cronut of Dominique Ansel fame…only these folks have found a way to stuff them. It’s a little shop, front counter and display of treats. You can even watch them make doughnuts fresh online. 


Layers & Layers & Layers

Plus Some Other Options

We ordered six and a Quinnabon (a take on cinnamon bun named after one of the daughters). The Quinnabon we ordered was orange and did not include cinnamon, leaving it sort of flat, especially compared to the doughnuts. 100 makes for lots of chewy layers, some separated by layers of oozing filling. I found one disappointing, the King Kong Maple Bacon, just did too much compared to the more simple and perfect options. The bacon seemed glazed with something and (I know it’s a sin to suggest but there was just too much of it, yes bacon, it could happen) distracted aggressively from everything else. Vanilla cream…check. Vietnamese Coffee, bitter and sweet…awesome. Icebox Lemon, Whhoooweee Tart…excellent. Milk Chocolate Sea Salt, screw know it’s gotta be good. Finally the more peculiar sounding Strawberrry Basil did what the bacon couldn’t…made you wonder why they aren’t more berry herb doughnuts in the world. Couldn’t believe we were doing second breakfast! So glad we did second breakfast!

Did I mention there was a third? Ridiculous, not as bad as you might think tho.


So Many Doughnuts After So Many Bagels

We Probably Should Have Gone With Cinnamon Instead Of Orange

Didn't Like The Bacon!?!

Sweet Simple Vanilla

Bitter Vietnamese Coffee Goodness

Seriously Tart Lemon


Tart & Herby Strawberry Basil

Salty Chocolate Excellence

Every One Made Of Complex Strata Of Dough & Butter

And Oozing With Complements



What's Best

What's Worst

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