Frank's Bratwurst (West Side Market)
 Cleveland, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/25/11          No Known Website

We had been to the West Side Market before and sampled our way through a great many stalls, but we had foregone the lines at the ready to eat stalls, particularly the lengthy line at Steve’s Gyro which was our central focus for today's trip but we knew we wanted to try some other options as well. The first time we walked into the inner sanctum of the market we used the door that enters into Frank's Bratwurst and Frank's II. How can we pass up another ethnic sandwich? I love Brats. There is a disturbing trend, however, there is a continual line at the gyro stand and none at the corner brat locale. Is it just a bump from the tv coverage at Steve's?



The Brat @ Frank's

No. The difference is the gyros are huge and tasty and the brats are well, underseasoned, boring, and not much of a deal. There are four guys working the stand and none of them seem all that interested in being there. You do get your choice of a hard or soft roll, both of these are the hard. I got the brat with kraut and horseradish, both of which were fine along with the traditional Cleveland spicy brown mustard. But the sausage itself didn't really serve much of a purpose. You could do better with a plastic package from the mega-mart.

Janet tried the Italian sausage with onions and peppers and was nice enough to give me a bite. Both of us appraised the whole thing as a tremendous disappointment. No heat, no sweet, not much of anything, even worse than the bratwurst since it didn't have the benefit of the radish and mustard. Even if you are in a hurry, stand in line for the gyro, or take a step into the Middle East, but pass on the German.


Stick with Johnsonville or Hillshire Farms

Truly Disappointing

If you have seen what we managed to pick up on our first official journey to the West Side Market and the raves they received for the fruits, sweets, jerky, meats, etc., you might wonder if we got anything else. The pictures below ought to answer that question.


We Might Have Picked Up A Couple Other Things

And Felt Really Bad About It Too....



What's Best

What's Worst

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