The Galaxy Restaurant 
 (Second Visit)
(First Visit)
 Wadsworth, Ohio    Date of Visit:  02/28/15

So, outside of two trips to The Galaxy in which we got special treatment (their Mardi Gras dinner and the night one of the chefís we new cooked for us), there was no where to go but up. Every other journey we had been on was a partial if not downright complete disaster. This trip wasnít as bad, but this overly deluxe property in the thriving metropolis of Wadsworth still doesnít seem to grasp the idea of hospitality.



Surprisingly Nice Start With Varied Flavor

And Well Cooked Shrimp

  The manager, our first contact inside the door, seemed to be bothered by our presence, irritated by her employees and maintains her position by sleeping with one of the owners. I was so caught up in her vivid dismissal of the world around her that I watched her the rest of our stay. It got worse every time she stormed through the floor.  Our server was an improvement but you never get much of a welcome inside of these doors.

We ordered a shrimp appetizer and two sandwiches. The tempura shrimp were actually nicely done, jumbo, crispy, and served with excellent sweet soy and chili caramel sauces. Maybe the food has taken an upswing from our previous visits and overall it did but couldnít match shrimp.

Steph got the hot Italian sub, which was in the realm of functional. I had to reorder the patty melt after the embarrassment I received the last time we took pictures here. There is a lot of hubbub in the menu about being paired with the owners ranch and their storied limousin cattle. There is certainly more of it between the bread but no beef is so good it doesnít require some kind of seasoning. I added fries and wished I had stayed with the chips. Stephís taters were much better.  We added a green mint chocolate chip cookie which was ehhh., much like most everything this trip to The Galaxy. Ehhhh. But thatís quite an improvement from previous trips.


The Hot Italian Was Meh

Serious Bread To Meat Ratio; Advantage Bread


The Patty Melt Was Miles From Great

But Compared To Garbage From Last Visit....


Stick To The Chips, Upsell Fries Are A Throwaway

Looked Better Than It Turned Out

  Change in Ranking        
  Original Score Which Way? New Score Why For?  
  F D The Only Way For Them To Go Down Would Have Been
To Set Us On Fire
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The Galaxy Restaurant 
 Wadsworth, OH        Date of Visit  01/08/11

The Galaxy has been in Wadsworth for 11 years now. I really want to like the place, I honestly do, but they have continuously made that difficult. In the past decade I have eaten there maybe a  dozen times. I would go more often if there seemed to be any chance at all for redemption but I am pretty sure I have reached my limit. Given the facility itself this is a real shame. The building and the appointments are simply stunning, particularly given the locale. A round high-ceiling dining room is surrounded by banquet rooms, a wine room and a sports bar. The menu is relatively standard in both the sports bar and dining room, pretty much what you might expect. It should be a destination for just about any occasion from catching a game to an anniversary dinner. In my experience, all roads at the Galaxy lead to discontent.



Just Unfortunate

Service has been haphazard at best depending on the visit but on most occasions the wait staff appear disinterested, disorganized and often sloppy. Given the structure and the menu I would certainly expect much more in the way of attention and effort but it has never really seemed to pan out. So the food must be good right? It should be but every trip has made me regret the choice. There were three exceptions; when the sous chef cooked for us off the menu; when the banquet chef personally oversaw our meal; and a bayou themed meal prepared by the former executive chef. While special treatment is nice, I would never rate a place based on treatment you should never expect. Instead my memories consist of a pasta dish which would have been better described as oil soup with pasta and veggies literally floating in oil in the bowl, a platter of fried apps in the sports bar which had been completely slayed in the grease, and on and on and on. Well, Steph gets a hankerin for lobster bisque and the only place you are going to find that in Wadsworth is the Galaxy and only on Saturdays. So a-grumbling I will go.

They have a new executive chef and we had never written it up so we are sitting in the sports bar. Steph orders the desired soup and a salad and I ordered a patty melt with rings. Shortly thereafter the server returned to let us know that the cycle of disappointment was going to continue. The soup was not finished yet. No we didnít show up early for lunch, it was explained to us this way. Apparently, they were waiting for the exec to make the soup because everyone else had been dumping flour into it to thicken and it was always getting sent back. Being the reason we were here we asked when it would be ready and she responded late afternoon.


 OkayÖI wanted to cancel and leave but thatís me. Steph is much nicer than I.

I didnít try the salad, I donít even remember what kind it was I was so bitter about the complete freakin disaster that was delivered to the table. The rings were unfortunate but luckily I didnít get enough of them to make me really angry. The sandwich was embarrassing on all fronts. First, it had obviously taken up long term parking under the heat lamp as the plate was glowing with heat and the top (just the top) of the sandwich retained all the delicacy and texture of masonry block. And when I excavated the first brick layer I just couldnít believe it but the burger barely covers half of the bread. I wanted to just leave it sitting on the table but I could feel my blood boiling and decided just sitting there stewing would likely not end well for anyone. I did manage to soften the bread and choke this thing down with about $4 worth of Heinz, Frenchís and Hellmans. Hey there is one consistent thing you can count on at the GalaxyÖthe condiments. Unsatisfied yet again, I walked out of the Galaxy but my heart was gently warmed by the surety that I will not return. I donít know if it is lack of talent, lack of concern, lack of leadership, but the Galaxy lacks any drawing power for me and eleven years of no improvement is enough to convince me.

Somebody Call Clara Peller..."Where's the Beef?"




What's Best

What's Worst

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        Special Occasions Do
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Complete Lack of Effort    
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