Gardner Pie
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  04/12/17

Weíve tried to get to Gardner Pie a couple of times, but they seem to know when weíre coming and quickly turn off the lights and lock the doors. We could probably look up their hours but we have never made a trip for pie, just ended up there for some reason or other and thought we would check it out. Headed to the airport with some time to spare we pulled in to find lines of expectant Easter feasters waiting to reduce their prep time for next Sunday.



The building is huge, I donít know if all of it is theirs but they could make pies for the entire west coast on any holiday. Up front there is a little storefront loaded with pies and boxes. We went overboard to add some sweetness to our holiday, Pecan, Peach Melba, Red Raspberry Lime, and Lemon Blueberry. We also picked up a Cinnamon Pumpkin we couldnít fit for Easter and havenít tried yet. The crust on all the pies is well done, flaky, just enough salt to stand out, brown crunchiness, thatíll do. The pecan isnít as good as the version from The Rail but it is loaded with salty nuts and has thick rich custard. The Melba was alright but really needed the almonds and raspberries to pull up a middling peach pie. The real stand out for me were the two berry/citrus combos. If they have pies like this all the time, we might start checking their hours and making special trips for pies. Blackberry and lime, blueberry and lemon, both are nicely sweet with  layers of tart making for a real treat.


Traditional Pecan Is Tasty

But The Rail Has This Whooped


The Melba Features

Peaches, Raspberries & Almonds

Berry & Citrus...

...Like Blackberry/Lime...


...And Blueberry Lemon...

...Are Spectacular

Oh, BTW, the pumpkin might have sat too long, or it could be exactly as they intended. I hope we ruined it. It was thick as modeling clay, studded with weird little orbs of suspicious density, and nowhere as good as my mothers. I'm going to stick with the berry/citrus combos and maybe a cream pie when they arenít completely sold out for a spring holiday. What ever combos they might come up with...


I'm in.

Not Quite Right



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