Gino's East
 Chicago, Illinois        Date of Visit  04/06/11  

On our original visit to Chicago, we hit Unoís and Lou Malnatiís. Back for a chance to enjoy Alinea, a restaurant currently ranked 6th in the world (number doesnít matter, but they gotta be doing something just to make the list), we are going to finally get to the third of the triumvirate commonly claiming the crown of the Royalty of Chicago Deep Dish. Granted, we have been to Al's Beef and Xoco already today...and are headed to Garrett's afterward. We are going to order comparatively little and consume less.



So, They Brew A Couple Beers

Our server was fun and rolled with our craziness. We started by ordering all of their beers. ALL of them. They actually have an impressive in house brewery which has churned out some award winners.

Their pilsner was terribleÖserver told us he felt there was something wrong with the new keg. After that there were bright aromatic sours, clean Witts, broody thick porters, hoppy IPAís, and grainy reds. Steph even found one she didnít hate.

Then came the pizza. We started with the Meaty Legend and added the Jalapeno Blue. The legend is closest to our pies from the other two shops and itís good. Its meatiness is rangier than the others with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, and good olí smoky belly Bacon. The second comes with bacon, blue cheese, Italian sausage, and of course, blue cheese & bacon stuffed jalapeŮos.

45 Minutes Later...Time Passed With Beer Tasting

The Meaty Legend Is Certainly Meaty But Not My Chicago Fav

Ginoís seems more divergent than the other two would be from each other, and I think I prefer the other two. First the crust has a taste and texture, which clearly suggests cornmeal. Taste and texture, Iím good with cornmealÖbut it doesnít accomplish what the more buttery crusts do. It turned out to be much more dry, not an advantage. The pie didnít seem to be as full as others I have seen, another drawback. Not that there isnít eight people's daily dietary recommendations for cheese and meat. Speaking of the meatÖit was all delicious, encased in stringy hot cheese and had a sharp tomato sauce oozing down into it. It is really good pizza, I just prefer the others.


The Jalapeno Blue Was Really Well Blended

Even The Pepper Was Stuffed With Cheese & Bacon

The jalapeno blue was another step up the ladder, however. Ordered for curiosity, it was an excellently blended curiosity with just the right amount of heat and funk added to the standard pie. Iím pretty sure you ainít getting that at Unoís or Louís. But if Iím in Chicago for casserole pizza, Iíll probably head there.




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