Golden Delight Bakery
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  12/22/15 

This stop was a complete accident. We were going to try the little Mexican shop which got some attention on the Food Network’s five best tacos at Los Gauchos and had a bit till our companions could get out of work so we ended up hanging out in the parking lot behind the strip plaza where we saw a sign for the Golden Delight Bakery. Hey, we got the time…. It’s a tiny place with decaying wedding cake examples in a case on one wall and display cases buffeting every other wall.



Might Be True

The offerings are familiar (fresh strawberry cake [sign in the window makes a big deal of this]) and stranger (hot dog supreme and red bean bun).

There is a diminutive woman of Asian descent behind the counter with a hint of helpful and a hint of stern. Fun. We mixed things up with a couple slices of the famous cake, a couple of cake rolls (chocolate and strawberry), a couple sweet rolls (cream cheese and coconut), and finally a couple of pork buns (bbq and straight pork). As we were checking out I noticed some peculiar beverages by the register and we added a peach and a, get this, grass jelly drink.

How was everything? All four buns (except for the coconut on my account) were really good. Light, sticky and sweet (even the pork buns) the dough really added something to each filling. Our attendant tried to steer us from the pork bun. I think she said “Chinese pork…very dry” about eight times before she put one in the bag. It was the favorite for both of us. The salty pork and sweet bun…so good.

Sweet Rolls, Sweet Filling, Good

Sweet Rolls, Savory Filling, Better

The drinks. Peach…delicious.

Grass jelly drink…surprisingly good until you find out where the name comes from.

The taste is hard to remember, since halfway through the can, you tilt, and wiggly lumps of dark green something escape the can and attempt to invade your mouth.


Maybe if I knew it was coming, I would have dealt better, but that was it for me.

Peach Drink, Yummy Peach


Grass Jelly Drink, Interesting


The cakes. The cakes. The cakes. A shout out to Janet who likes cakes frosted with stuff that tastes like nothing, while I prefer some sweetness and flavor. Golden Delight comes in right down the middle; it would make almost anyone happy. Instead of a heavy and aggressively sugary or so light and floofy you might as well just smell the first cake; all three versions are light and refreshing while still sweet enough to read as a dessert. Great balance. As far as the rolls go, steer to the strawberry over the chocolate. Like the fresh cakes…the berry is their thing. They do it very well.

Cake For All

Chocolate Fine But Stick To Their Berry Specialty



What's Best

What's Worst

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        Much Grass Jelly...
But I Asked For It
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