The Grand Lux Cafe
 Las Vegas, Nevada         Date of Visit  12/13/10    

Apparently the offspring of the Cheesecake Factory, we have had breakfast at the Grand Lux Café for the past couple of years. The most likely reason is the French toast. My aunt starts thinking about the French toast as soon as we get on the plane. There is a reason for this. The brioche eggy toast has a thin and brown crisp crust that contains a nearly molten interior. Brushed with butter and anointed with syrup, it makes for a standard breakfast treat for which you will return. The Belgian waffle was not particularly good or bad, essentially what you would expect. We also tried a relatively unique omelet. This egg snuggie was stuffed with crab meat, asparagus, havarti, and oven roasted tomatoes. While one of our members felt there was “too much going on” I found the combination enjoyable and the splash of hollandaise atop the whole concoction worked just fine. The Grand Lux is nowhere near as refined or creative as Tableau, but I am certain we will be eating breakfast there next year…I think I’ll get the French toast…although the red velvet pancakes looked really interesting when we were leaving….


Serious Toast

Waffle was Okay

Crab and Asparagus Omelet, Pretty Darn Good



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