Great Lakes Brewpub
 Cleveland, Ohio        Date of Visit  09/02/16  

Can’t believe this is actually our first trip to the brew pub. We’ve had recommendations, its right next to the market, who knows…we’re here now. It is a great day to sit outside, many agree. In the shadow of the market spire we try a few dishes crafted with their own brews and local ingredients, including some from the market itself. I did try a couple of beers, the barrel aged black out stout and the rye-o-rye can’t we win. Dark, woody, nice bitterness. They may have to change the name on the rye given recent events, but both were well crafted.



We started with their beer cheese soup and the chorizo dip. The soup is made with their golden lager and a blend of salty cheddar and funky stilton. The cheeses are gorgeous together. Delicious. The only complaint I had was the roux or beurre manie used to thicken the cheese laden broth gave it a mildly unpleasant graininess and skin. Too good to stop though. The dip features sausage from Czuchraj Meats, Monterey Jack and cream cheeses along with jalapeno and onion. Nice combo, rich as the day is long. The Shagbark Seed & Mill chips were more interesting and unique than I had inspected and worked great cutting through the richness of the dip AND the soup as well. A chip for all appetizers.

Bourbon Barreled Blackout


Delicious But Grainy Soup

Nice Dip Accentuated By Great Chips

I skipped over the names of the pizzas and dismissed them out of hand. Steph went past the title and looked at the ingredients and we ended up ordering the Italian Market. Thin crust, red sauce, herbs, mozz, banana peppers, and pepperoni. Then add Capicola and Sopressata, now that’s Italian. It was actually pretty good, better than expected but there was so much else to try…most of it was packed to go.

We ordered three sandwiches, the Cleveland Hero, the Prosciutto Grilled Cheese and the Po’ Man. Good, Gooder, & Great. The hero was built on an Italian roll from the local bakery, Zoss. Loaded with Pastrami, Genoa salami, Bavarian ham, Muenster cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, oil, and vinegar, it makes for a tasty but familiar sandwich. The next is a more recent but vaguely familiar combo of salty Prosciutto ham, sweet local fig jam, manchego cheese for flavor and provolone for melt, all griddled between sourdough slices. There is a reason this combo is showing up on more menus.


Crispy Pizza Was Pretty God, Sandwiches Were Better

Cleveland Hero

Figs & Prosciutto

All With Excellent Battered Fries

My favorite, which is familiar in name but unique in preparation is the Po’ Man. Grilled Cuban loaf. Noticably smoked kielbasa from Czuchraj’s stand in the market. I didn’t know who or what Wake Robin was (local fermenters of veggies) but their kraut was very mild with a hint of tang. Mustard made with the house amber lager and big whole & some ground seeds which was also pretty mild allowing the sausage and other ingredients room to shine. Finally, a couple potato and cheese pierogies from Sophie’s Choice. These were the smoothest and creamiest commercial potato pillows I have ever had. A nice addition to a sandwich that isn’t just local, but brings the products of local craftsman together in a unique and memorably delicious way. A great lunch before strolling the market. A big thanks to those who made recommendations.

They Should Have A Parade For This (Cleveland Obviously Needs The Practice)

Cleveland Craftsmanship



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