Gyro Bob's Truck
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 06/28/14              No Known Website

So we are in Medina, at a complete bust of a food truck rally. The trucks are there but the public ain’t. There is some desperation in the air. It did allow us instant access to whatever truck in which we had an interest, and today we tried Nacho Mama’s, Gyro Bob’s, and Premier Crepes.



Oh, Come On! GYRO? Bob?

Gyro Bob’s truck had a few different names on it, his just being a banner tied to the outside. Maybe it’s a time share. The dude inside (Bob?) was very friendly and pretty efficient, Nacho Mama’s should take notes.

I had heard about his (Bob's) Philly cheesesteak and meatball sandwiches. We were nearing the limit of our gluttony or I would have gotten three sandwiches, but I had to try the gyro. He’s Gyro Bob afterall, so we had the gyro and the cheesesteak…should have had the meatball.

The gyro is a serious disappointment. Packaged and presliced freezer meat, barely warmed through, no crusty happiness to be found, limp veggies and a lame tzatziki sauce all piled into a diaperesque pita. Gyro. Nope.

Then came the cheesesteak. This is not the level of Pat’s by far but it was so much better than most you could find around here. The steak was thin and tender, loaded with cheese and well-grilled veggies.


Then there was the bread. The sign said fresh baked Italian rolls, there was a stack of them in the window, they were gorgeous. Crusty and flavorful with the moxie to squeeze down on all of that juicy goodness and maintain structural integrity. Add a smear of mayo and you have the only thing we ordered today that I considered finishing. Almost the only thing. I also ordered fair fries, fresh fried in peanut oil and sprayed with vinegar…excellent fries.

Gyro Bob needs to consider a name change. If I stopped by to give him a try and went with his namesake, he would never see me again and lose the opportunity to sell me a cheesesteak or meatball sub. As of now I would consider either of those. If I wanted a gyro I would go to the gas station first.

Thanks Goodness For The Cheese Steak

And The Gorgeous Fries

Lots Of Great Ingredients

Especially The Bread Up There On The Shelf



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