Hash House A Go Go
 Las Vegas, Nevada        Date of Visit: 12/18/11     

I typed great Vegas breakfast into the search engine and while there were mixed reviews, Hash House A Go Go was certainly a topic of interest. It had apparently made an appearance on Man vs. Food. What struck me was the menu. The motto is apparently Twisted Farm Food and given the offerings twisted is an accurate descriptor. On the menu, O' Hair of the Dog which is a 24 oz. can of Budweizer in a paper bag with a side of bacon; the Andy’s sage fried chicken waffle tower and on it goes.



Industrial Diner Motif

We rode the escalator up to the restaurant from the Imperial Palace casino floor and were met by an odd mix of old style diner and an industrial motif. The place was just starting to buzz (breakfast hours apparently start much later in Sin City) when our functional server approached the table. Dyed black hair, at least one full sleeve of ink, and a bit of hustle are prerequisites for floor staff. Steph ordered the chicken, corn, pepper, and mozzarella scramble, Mom the granola waffle and I the chicken waffle tower.

As other tables' plates began to whiz by on the shoulders of servers we were quick to realize how this place had found a spot on Man vs. Food.  Portion control is locked in a small closet in this kitchen where it is probably let out every half an hour to be mocked by the staff and then returned to its chains. Sewer cover flapjacks and all manner of precarious and enormous stacks of who knows what rolled by.

The Granola Waffle

Less Than Interesting Scramble

When they say tower, they mean tower!

Yes, that is a layer of bacon inside the waffle



The waffle turned out to be four waffles which were saturated with all sorts of chewy and crunchy granola elements. It was also served with a slice of peak pineapple and syrup. Very good. The scramble was not what Steph expected…not sure what that might have been…but was certainly the weakest dish on the table that could be effected at nearly any breakfast joint in the country. Eggs had the reported ingredients mixed in, taters were fine, biscuit was buttery but not particularly layered, good fruit again, I was glad I had gone another direction.

The Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles is ridiculously large. It also turns out to be ridiculously good. The two airline breasts of chicken are moist and crisp with a crust that adds a great deal of MMmmm to the equation. The four waffles on the plate turned out to be bacon waffles and the whole mess is showered with fried leeks. I didn’t really get the leeks until I tried them and they made way more sense than they should have. By the time we left the place was almost full.

Unique and good makes for an attractive mixture. Just be sure to bring some friends that don’t mind sharing, you won’t be finishing much of anything on your own.




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