Heavenly Cupcakes 
 Kent, Ohio              Date of Visit: 10/30/10            http://www.heavenlycupcakeskent.com/

Cruising down the street in Kent we were passing the University Plaza into which I had never ventured. Alongside the street was a small sign simply posting "Heavenly Cupcakes". Them is big shoes to fill, Heavenly...we just couldn't pass that up. I hung out in the car as Steph went inside to choose some treats. When she returned I was glad I had been listening to the radio, I mean I only have so much testosterone in my body and the interior here would have leached every molecule from me and sent my system into a frenzy trying to rebuild.



Holy Pink Stripy frou-frou! Steph had chosen a quartet of paper cupped cakes including a Triple Vanilla, a Peanut Butter Surprise, Coconut, and Caramel Apple. Over the next couple of days we split the little treats and found a mixed box. First off, the frostings and creams are suspiciously sweet, like crunchy sugar between your teeth sweet. It's a bit much. A couple of the cakes were dry which is likely to be a function of how long they have been in the case as others were moist and cakey. There was one stand out in the group but we will start with the others. There has been a cupcake craze as of late in the pastry world and a number of places are really stretching limits of cupcakery. That's not necessarily the case at Heavenly Cupcakes as most of what we tried are tried and true. It's not cutting edge to put a different piece of someone else's candy on top of a cupcake and call it unique. I'm not certain where the triple vanilla acquired it's name as it is unlikely due to flavor, sure it's vanilla but not triple. Can you guess what the surprise is in the peanut butter surprise? If you can't, well, I don't know how to help.   
The Collection

"Triple Vanilla"

Peanut Butter Surprise


I am not a fan of much coconut anything, which was not too much of a problem here as there really wasn't that much coconut flavor with which to contend. Now the caramel apple offering was a different story. This was a really nice and interesting combination of fall flavors that not only made for a great treat but were interesting, whimsical and adult all at the same time. While places like A Cookie and a Cupcake have a wider variety of fantastic treats, I wouldn't likely be driving to Cleveland for a cupcake. It's nice to know we have a passable purveyor nearby.


Caramel Apple




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