Hellas Restaurant
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/26/16            We Don't Need No Steenking Website

Recommended, and we heard on Sundays they only serve breakfast and are only open until 2. Both of those are very true. Nice little place, there is an older gentleman with a Greek accent keeping a sharp eye on everything simultaneously. The service has the half brusque/half friendly feel of a diner, for the most part, until two. When the clock strikes the hour, it is almost as though they have a step-by-step manual titled “Less Than Subtle Hints: How to get guests to leave so you can go home.” Apparently, there has been quite a rash of hospitality at Hellas, you can, just recently, substitute something on the menu and live. They’re moving in the right direction.



Color Hints At Variations In Textures & Flavors

The bum's rush might be irritating to many, but the place is packed for a reason. Just peculiar enough breakfast combinations are churned out with style and practiced accuracy. I didn’t try the biscuits with (house made) sausage gravy, but heard they were great. Everything is served with delicious and tender potatoes with widely varied crispitude. 

A turkey and cheese omelet was stuffed with roasted tomatoes. The Greek 1 had the expected baked ham, sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and marinated feta, but then a mild blast of orange peel took everything in a fresh and interesting direction. The Three Amigos pulled pig from three places…ham, bacon, and loin, then stuffed the rest with oozing sour cream, scallions, salsa and cheddar cheese. All three really well done. Finally, A Toast to the French delivered the only French Toast I think would be a crime to load with butter and syrup, something in the salty savoriness of the bread and bath made the standard garnish obsolete.

So Trying This Next Time

No Greek Translation For Portion Control

Interior Is Interesting & Loaded With Interesting

Taters Are Excellent


We had an interesting, fun, and delicious breakfast at Hellas. I would/will definitely return.


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Nice Surprise In The Custard Toast




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