Holy Smoke BBQ
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/17/13        
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As Tevye sings, the Columbus Food Truck Show has become ďTraditionĒ. I know itís only been happening for two years but we have had a good time stomping around the commons, enjoying the people zoo and trying some new eats. We actually tripled our truck fare in our second year and while they couldnít all be great we did make a couple of finds. We probably had more that was mediocre but that just comes with more, we also had more tastiness. We snacked at The Good Frank, Holy Smoke BBQ, The Coop, Nicolasaís, The Burrito Bus and Gigiís Cupcakes This is The Holy Smoke BBQ.



Smoker Sits In Front Of The Truck

This truck is fully decked out and has a large barrel smoker sitting in front of it. The menu is scrawled on a piece of pink poster board and while they are out of ribs they are still serving brisket and pulled pork or chicken along with options for sides. The prices are not only fair (not the standard at festivals like this) but a downright steal.

We ended up with a pulled pork sandwich, cornbread and mac and cheese. The mac was a cheesy fusilli curl which was pretty good for coming off a truck. The cornbread was sweet and crumbly but ended up having a bitter chemical leavener after taste, it wasnít as bad as it could be but Iíve had better, definitely had way worse, but there is better.

The Menu Was Easy To Spot But Less Easy To Read

Sauce Your Way

The pork was glistening in the roll but looked exceptionally fatty. It turned out there was a little fat on the top but underneath there was succulent smoky pork. The pieces on the bottom had a serious bark which boosted the smoke and added a nice texture. A little table held two BBQ sauces and some other options. We squeezed sweet onto one side and spicy onto the other. The sweet was a bit much for me but mixed with the peppery version resulted in a great combo on the meat. Holy Smoke was easily the best thing we tried at the show.


A Little Southern Plate With Fairly Good Mac

Pork Ended Up Being Much Better Than The Top Looked


Even Better With Multiple Sauces

Corn Bread Also On Slightly Higher Side Of Average



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