Breakfast Bike Runs

I have been taking pictures and thinking about doing this for some time. Places have been missed, ratings are sort of unnecessary, but there are a number of meals or places that could bear mentioning in the long run. We tend to ride in the morning before the Sun gets to serious work for the day. Given that, we tend to either meet for breakfast or use a place as a destination, trying to find the twistier and turnier roads in the area or beyond.

There wonít be much to say, in most places breakfast is what it is. If there is something significant, I will do my best to describe it, but donít expect too much. Just looking forward to new rides and some eggs.


Hooverís Place  

 Lodi, Ohio

We have hit this place a few times at this point. It sits close to some fun roads to ride, has functional service, hot coffee and a solid breakfast menu which seems to change from time to time. A lot of roads take us out towards Lodi and for the area several of them are a fair ride. When we are running along the elevated train track I know we will be headed into Hoovers.

There are a lot of places in Columbus that are Buckeye themed which are not as thoroughly scarlet and gray as Hoovers. Paint, art, clock, embroidered booths all championing the Bucs.


The Hoover Plate. Straightforward and Done Well

How could you not like the place? The morning I took pictures I ordered a couple of eggs which came with bacon, hash browns and biscuits and gravy. Their biscuits are tender and the gravy has a nice peppery punch to it that helps to ameliorate the thoughts about what is happening to your insides.

The hashbrowns are shredded and if you ask for crispy you will get a nicely browned cake of crunchy goodness. The Donald had a similar plate with the slightly more sensible sausage patties instead of biscuits and gravy which he reported to be just as good. Steady refills of coffee and plenty of pleasantness ensure return trips.



The Gravy Plate

Gravy Comes Separately and Loaded With Flavor
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