JJ's Norton Cafe (Lunch)
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/10/17        Facebook Page

Headed to the movies we discovered the defunct Cristo’s House of Pasta has new tenants offering more comfort style classics and the online response appears very positive. A little more open than Cristo’s the interior remains about the same.

The service is friendly but slow. If they had a full room I couldn’t imagine how long it would take them to serve a two-top.

  We decided on lunch with a possible return for breakfast at another time. The soup of the day was a cabbage kielbasa, which needed a serious dose of salt but delivered on most of what you would want in a brothy and slightly greasy daily special.

The Daily, Kielbasa Cabbage Works Alright

We ordered a couple of sandwiches. The burger was a Black and Bleu and I would describe it as perfectly average. The patty needed seasoning and some brown texture would have been awesome around the outside or edges, but there was nothing wrong with it. The funk didn’t really stand out on the bleu cheese, but the bacon, onions and shrooms all did their part. Add functional onion rings and everything turns out alright.

The reuben was different. I’m not sure if it was a good or bad or just different. There was a really unique or odd tang, and I couldn’t really distinguish where it was coming from…sourness in the cured meat…weird pickles in the dressing…who knows. When it comes down to it, there are plenty of much better Reubens in the area.

Nothing of note during out lunch. Nothing so disappointing we wouldn’t return for breakfast some time soon either.


The Burger Was Loaded Visually But Not As Much On The Taste Front

Rings Were A Nice Brown Crunch


The Reuben...

...Usually I Can Determine What's Going On, But Not Today.




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