Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe (Second Visit)
Youngstown, Ohio    Date of Visit:  02/05/15      Facebook Page

Sad news brings us back to Youngstown today but neither one of us has eaten, Steph has to be back at work ASAP and we decided to shoot through Jib Jab. A little taste of home. The sauce and cheese is salve for the soul. It makes plain hotdogs special, with or sans raw onion. It makes great fries glorious. It remains transcendent. Barring this....



That's The Entire Menu

I’ve never had a burger at Jib Jab. Why would you? Curious what the Grand Glop would do to a burger, I ordered one with sauce cheese and onion. And learned there are some things the magic elixir cannot overcome. The burger is vile. Gray, tasteless and with the texture kinda like those Kong toys for dogs.

I almost treated it like said toy by licking the sauce and cheese off of it, but there was no way I was going to go past a single bite of that thing and the packed house and common decorum meant no licking your hamburger.

Still, it changes nothing. It’s a hotdog shoppe and I’m still looking for a better one. I get hot dogs there for a reason. The reason is sauce and cheese. Even better on the fries. That is all I know. I did have an Italian sausage sandwich once, it was fine. Still, stick to the dogs/fries and bathe it all in sauce and cheese and it still tops the charts. The chili is unique the cheddar sauce is so much better than the average orange goop from a can. JIB JAB!



James Brown Wrote A Vaguely Inappropriate Song About This Sauce & Cheese

I Sing It Every Day


Should Also Be Awesome On A Burger

But This "Burger" Couldn't Be Saved By Any Ingredients


A Variety Of Hot Sauces Allow You To Customize Your Chili Sauce

Their Fries Are Gorgeous And Delicious Unadorned


And One Of The Best Things In The World...

...Covered In Sauce In Cheese

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Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe
Girard, Ohio           Date of Visit: 12/31/09             No Known Website

This is the concoction I was weaned on. Delivered from the old Girard location, my Dad would bring home dogs, fries and a quart of rootbeer, the “Family Pack” made just for us. Jib Jab exists due to a singular magic. They do not fill their own casings, Sugardale, right out of the 10# bag I would imagine. Steamed buns…nothing special. If you order correctly, the magic will come. No ketchup or mustard or relish, you can do that at home. What you need is Sauce & Cheese. Add onions if you want…but Sauce & CheeseSauce & Cheese…say it with me…
Sauce & Cheese!

Sauce and Cheese!

Sauce and Cheese

Lookie, Lookie, Sauce and Cheese

Welcome to Jib Jab, can I take your order? Yes! Three dogs with…Sauce & Cheese! Large Fry with …Sauce & Cheese! Cheeseburger with…Sauce & Cheese! Chocolate shake…why not…with Sauce & Cheese!

Bring the Prilosec because the Sauce (Chili) is a rich and thick paste with sinister and delicious notes of spice and tomato that are going to stay with you for some time. Under that, a cheddar based goo that melds everything into an oblong package of glory. This is the sort of thing you will return to so often you will have to take months off, your own lack of will power having allowed something fabulous to become detestable. Oh, take your break, but you will be back, just try to control yourself this time.

A lovely woman married a friend of mine and after hearing about the place for years, she gave it a try. She told me she didn't get it. WHAT?!? Asked what she had, she responded. A hot dog. Yes.... With mustard and ketchup. We don't talk much anymore.




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        Duh! Sauce and Cheese Dog with Ketchup/Mustard
But Not Their Fault
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