Jimmy Biggs Grill
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit 06/18/15     
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Subbed a math class today. That’s funny. Sadly, I had to relearn the order of operations, but it won’t stick long. That math stuff never does. I was however promised lunch and we still have a few new options in the Falls. Jimmy Bigg’s Grill looks like a converted fast food joint we’ve passed a number of times but today we’re stopping in. A little bar, a few tables (ours came pre-salted) and someone getting really basic instructions in the kitchen. “No, in the flour first, then the eggs, then the crumbs.”



Came With Great Bleu Cheese Dressing

Hmmmm. Likely not a good sign.

Our server was friendly and managed the few occupied tables and the couple of day drinkers well. The food could be paced a little better but overall the service was fine. The food was less so.

The best part of my experience was the bleu cheese dressing that we added to the mixed vegetable platter. The veggies themselves were passable and actually clung to the batter fairly well. We also tried a couple of wings cause they had a house sauce Jimmy’s Hot or something. Turns out it’s a pepper sauce mixed with ranch, we had two of the eight. Smelled great actually, just didn’t really translate to taste well.

Steph got a Philly cheese which was chewy brown sadness on a bun and served with great looking fries that ended up being crunchy inside.

As Tasty As They Are Innovative


Every Time I Looked At The Sandwich At Least I Could
Comfort Myself With A Half Raw French Fry



The wings smelled delicious, the fries looked great but neither delivered…same with my burger. Looked awesome, called the ultimate, comes with grilled pepperoni and bi-colored American cheese. The pepperoni was actually the crispy and bitey addition hoped for, but the burger itself was an unseasoned lump of ho-hum-bug.

We boxed up a bunch but later decided spend our calories on some left over baked chicken from the fridge. New cook or typical, dunno. But I don’t expect we’ll be back any time soon.




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