Jimmy's Italian Specialties
Youngstown, OH            Date of Visit: 02/05/11             No Known Website

Oh Jimmy’s! If you happened to read the bit about the joy found at DiVitis Market in Akron, Jimmy’s is where I learned to appreciate such fare. Recently having taken over the defunct Ponderosa building on Belmont, Jimmy’s is bigger and cleaner than when it was up the street. First and foremost, Jimmy’s is a market. Cases stocked with meats, antipasta, pastries, oh my. From bags of tiny meatballs for wedding soup to cannoli, you can find an authentic version here. Today we stopped in to try some offerings from the deli counter which you can take home or enjoy in the little haphazard dining area. The service here is not quick by any measure but it is usually friendly.



We opted for a pepperoni roll and the Italian deluxe cold sub. The roll had a nice peppery meat along with the cheese in great bread. The Sub roll was uber-crusty and loaded with Prosciutto (Projute), Capicola (Gabagool), Salame, Provolone, and hot or mild peppers. We opted for mild. Simply great…the best description of good Italian. I am a fan of wedding soup, but Jimmy’s has never been my favorite so we forwent that option. Instead we slid from the path of any semblance of good for you to the dessert counter. Not able to choose one we selected three options. A ricotta cannoli, a lemon torte, and a cream puff. A shout out to Cream Puff Grandma…still thinking of you. She would have loved Jimmy’s version with a hefty custard filling lodged in a pate choux shell. Hard to beat. The cake was redolent with bright lemony custard which was balanced by the sweetness of the frosting. The cannoli! Broken in the middle it is stuffed through and through with a slightly sweet ricotta filling with bits of chocolate floating in the delicious paste. I could chatter on ad nauseum, but I think today I will let the pictures do the talking. Jimmy’s will certainly cost you more than a trip to Walmart…but as you are chewing the difference you will realize that every now and again it is worth every cent.

Name Your Anitpasti

Serious Cookie Fixes Available

As Many Pastries as Cookies
Pizzas and Rolls

Simple but Delicious Pepperoni Roll

The Deluxe Italian...Doesn't Get More Italian

Cannoli Stuffed All The Way Through

Light Lemony Luscious

One for CP G-ma, the Custard Puff



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