Joey's South Side Burgers
 Medina, Ohio        Date of Visit  05/13/11

Last time we were in Medina we ended up going to Dan’s Dogs which was fantastic. On the way to our first reason for being in Medina we passed this odd little stand sitting on the side of the road and decided next time we were driving by we would stop. Today we were driving by. Joey’s South Side Burgers is a small building with two drive thrus, car-hop service and a five by three room you can step into to order. The dining consists of three picnic table nestled between the two drive thru lanes or your car. You can order online…and get this…they deliver locally from 8:00 a. to 8:00p. How awesome is that?




Queso Cheese Sticks

We stepped inside to have a look and were met by a frantic but particularly pleasant young man who started our order. He appeared excited to be serving us and this became more apparent when he handed us off to another employee, who if I had to guess, was thinking more about wearing either extra mascara or maybe fake vampire fangs to go listen to industrial techno later that night. Existential Crisis! It’s a burger joint and I ordered the American classic. A half-pound behemoth with all of the traditional fixins. The burger is well seasoned and well cooked and imparts a thick beefiness through the veggies and condiments. The bun is also well suited to the task of holding it all together and being delectable. It came with fries which were average and sparse but functional.


The Philly Cheese

The All American Burger

Inside the Queso

Fries Were Fine

Steph ordered the Philly cheese and queso cheese sticks. The cheese sticks are filled with a slightly spiced yellow cheese goo and actually have bits of tortilla in the crust. Overall they were pretty good. The cheese steak was thinly sliced and super beefy with the mushrooms and cheese all melding within the long Italian roll to make a great sandwich.

Sitting outside we were looking through the menu and noticed something called the South Side Sea Dog and we just had to know. It turns out the thing is nine inches long and filled with freshly fried cod, cheese and tartar sauce. They also have an extensive breakfast menu and things like gyros that seem to assure a return trip. This turned out to be a very successful lunch. I wouldn’t drive miles just to have a burger at Joey’s but if I find myself in Medina you might likely find me at there.


The South Side Sea Dog




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