Kittie's Cakes
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/31/14  

Walking to Katzinger’s Delicatessen, we passed a tiny storefront with a sign out front hawking whoopee pies and biscuits. Walking from Katzinger’s Deli, we stopped into the tiny storefront. The place is hipster ultra chic, full of pastels, tattoos and ironic eyewear. One cool little feature included pictures of what I’m assuming to be actual mothers and their baking recipes on the wall.



Mom's? And Their Recipes

We were apparently late in the day and were told they had four kinds of mini cupcakes left so we got one of each. They weren’t bad, kinda like the ironic eyewear, they looked good, weren’t horrible, but aren’t really for me. I prefer either really well done basic or interesting and exciting new combinations of flavors. The combination here were too subtle to really detect or enjoy. The familiar flavors didn’t really hit home enough to evoke happy memories…the apex of cupcakery.

The best overall seemed to be the Black and White with white chocolate lumps baked into chocolate cake, a center of vanilla pudding, a topping of vanilla bean buttercream (that was pretty tasty) and a little white chocolate on top. This one came closest to ringing the cupcake bell but didn’t quite get there. The Ooey, Gooey Chocolate was a chocolate bomb, dark chocolate cake, ganache center, dark chocolate buttercream, chocolate flakes. Loads of chocolate but reminiscent of so many others without anything to elevate it or make it stand out.

To Go


The Black & White Was The Best For Me

Loads Of Chocolate But Little Else


The two slightly odder varieties were the Matcha Lemonade and the White Lavender. Both suffered from frail flavors. We weren’t sure what was in the lemon topped one (the signs were very small – like the cakes) Steph remembered Ma-----something. I thought it might have been mache aka lamb’s lettuce which would have explained the green hue but the website tells us its actually a matcha green tea cake. Didn’t matter. There wasn’t enough to cut through the lemon buttercream, could have been either or both. The white lavender was topped with the awesome vanilla buttercream but I shouldn’t have liked the whole cake at all. Don’t much care for flowers betwixt my teeth. Again…not much of the flower noticeable at all. Good for me, but I would prefer they go for it…I may have enjoyed the other three more if that attitude had prevailed.

Matche Lemonade Was Alright

As Was The White Lavender. Wanted More.





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