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So apparently, two of my favorite Y-town staples have collided. The gorgeous and memory-laden Mill Creek Park and the corned and bagely goodness of Kravitz's Deli. There have been a couple of different places in the spot overlooking Lake Glacier in the Davis Education and Visitor Center next to Fellows Riverside Garden, most of the time when we were there the space was closed or empty. That is not the case today. Seats are hard to come by, and people are waiting as the staff dashes around trying to keep up.



Corned Beef AND The Park

Sandwiches are Kravtiz’s…all you need to know…if you care what I think you can find it here. There doesn’t seem to be any drop in quality at all. Bright potato salad, flaky sweet kipfel varieties, gotta love it.

We did try a couple of new things. Matzoh Ball soup, the broth was screaming out for salt (much awakened with a dose) and lacked a bit on the chicken end but the plop in the middle was fluffy and tender, a well executed nugget.

Steph ordered the spinning bowl salad, which the menu says, is the same they used to serve at a long gone Youngstown classic restaurant. It seems to me the spinning salad is attributed to a steak restaurant in California. You don’t get the actual spinning bowl tableside but the chopped egg, bleu cheese and house made croutons are served with a sweet and tangy dressing which is delicious.

Needed Salt & Chicken Flavor But The Matzoh Was Excellent

It Doesn't Spin But It Is Delicious

The sweet cranberries in the rich chicken salad were excellent. The half Reuben was exactly what you wanted from Kravitz's. I tried my first Kraut on Fire…corned beef with hot peppers and pepper jack cheese, a nice kiss of heat with the usual wonderful suspects. I hope the place is packed like this all the time. I would like the chance to experience them together again…and again.


Rich Sweet & Nutty Bound Chicken Salad

Great Beef On Reuben

Spicy Fire Adds An Interesting Touch

Bring Us All The Kipfel In The Land!!!



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