Paris, France        Date of Visit: ???       Date Eaten: 08/25/14

First things first…I didn’t go here. Our sampling of these delicacies was due to the kindness of friends. My business partner and her sister were living haute sur le porc and were nice enough to bring some colorful nuggets of extravagance home for us (well, for Steph who loves these little treat sandwiches; but she shared with me). Since 1862, Laudrée has been churning out Macarons and on the recommendation of natives and a taste test between the two top recommendations we were delivered a box of 24 meringue and variably fillinged cookies.

Simply put, they are incredible. Even the ones I didn’t particularly care for [Noix de Coco (Coconut); L’ Incroyable Guimauve Chocolat Coco (Chocolate and Coconut Guimauve); Reglisse (Liquorice); Menthe Glaciale (Iced Mint); Rose (Rose); and Fleur d’ Orange (Orange Flower)] I could still appreciate. Coconut, anise and spearmint are not flavors at the top of my list, but each of them was distilled down to the quintessence of that particular flavor.


So, We Weren't Personally There...

...But If The Packaging Is Any Indication...


...It Might Be Kinda Fancy Dancy

&#*%*  Skittles!...This Is How You Taste The Rainbow

The flavors I have more appreciation for [Citron (Lemon); Pistache (Pistachio); Framboise (Raspberry); Chocolat Pure Origine Venezuela (Pure Origin Chocolate from Venezuela); Chocolat (Chocolate); Peche (Peach); Café (Coffee); Fraise Coquelicot (Strawberry Poppy); Vanille (Vanilla); L’ Incroyable Guimauve Fraise Bonbon (Strawberry Candy Guimauve); Citron Vert Basilic (Lime and Basil); Caramel Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel)] were delivered in a pure and intense blast in each crispy/gooey bite. The fruit versions didn’t just have a flavored crème or gelee, but also included a perfectly dehydrated piece of fruit. Wonderful, so unlike the gross stuff you find in cereal boxes. The chocolates were deep and forceful. The marshmallow was not only extraordinary but had survived a couple of days of travel and remained luscious and soft…so not jet puffed. The odder combos like the strawberry poppy and especially the lime and basil made little sense until you tasted them and became sad you had not tried those combos before. The Salted Caramel…I love salted caramel…this thing might well be the archetypal, exemplary epitome of salted caramel. No slouch on the fleur de sel and the caramel was complex with sweet, nuttiness and just edges of bitter. A wonderful treat. Merci.




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