Little City Grill (Breakfast)
 Kent, Ohio         Date of Visit  04/11/15  

Stopped for a little breakfast before a meeting in Kent and had seen some positive comments about Little City Grill. Itís a nicer place inside than I had expected but most of the rest of the experience was a disappointment. It feels like a restaurant with a small bar but there are signs that it likely goes full bar later in the day. They are packed early on a Saturday and we seem young by comparison in a strange twist. I guess Saturday morning breakfast isnít a big thing with the undergrads.



Meh Hot Chocolate & Fork Stirred Coffee

Our servers appeared harried and under equipped to manage the influx of early diners. Simple things like a spoon with coffee, remembering what you had just said you were going to bring to the table, remembering the order, etc., were more than they could bear on this morning. Apparently, the kitchen was also struggling, easily 40 minutes for a couple of simple breakfast orders.

All this can be expunged with yummy goodness. I still remember. I ordered an omelet (the sausage skillet omelet style actually) which was going to be my big cheat for the week. Omelet shell filled with sausage and hashbrowns then topped with sausage gravy and cheese. Cheat big or eat rice puffs. The egg was well done but needed seasoning. They included a serious portion of sausage that needed seasoning. There were hashbrowns, Iím sure you get it by now. (A side note of caution: their salt and pepper shakers work extraordinarily wellÖbut didnít help as much as I would hope.) I grew up in the clean plate club but nowadays I am prone to just let it go (first world guilt). A little ways in, it just wasnít worth the calories.


Steph ordered a croissant sandwich with ham and cheese and they were willing to sub feta into the middle. This was so much better. Buttery layers of dough, salty ham, bitey cheese and some egg, it was truly tasty. They forgot her crispy hashbrowns and while they did arrive ďon the flyĒ they didnít taste any better than mine.

I donít know if they are consistently lost and prepped for bland. Maybe the bevvy of blue hair prefer it that way...high blood blood pressure/ G.I. distress and all. Could always be an off day but itís important to make a good first impression and I didnít walk out with burning desire to return.

Pretty But Impotent

It Took A Lot Of Shaking To Make The Omelet Into Something

Sandwich Looked Boring But Was Really Pretty Tasty

And The Late Hashbrowns Weren't Worth It At All



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