Lobel's Yankee's Stadium
 New York, New York             Date of Visit: 07/18/10                  http://www.lobels.com/

At the stadium we had heard that there is one place for foodies to congregate. In addition to the dogs and pretzels, Lobelís of New York has a single station on the first concourse between third base and the foul pole in left field. Approaching the stand you are greeted by a window inside of which is piled mounds of Lobelís prime meat, being guarded by a whiteís clad butcher.

Now donít forgetÖI needed constant adjustment in the ball park. A beef sandwich from Lobelís will cost you $15. As a Midwesterner, there is a moment of sticker shock. Then you remember a bottle of water costs $5 and the footlong is $8. Back in your seat you find thick sliced chunks of beef and a little tub of Dijon/Horseradish dressing. The dressing turned out to be a superior complement to what was waiting 'tween the buns.



Cart of Meatastic

I think they slice the beef so thick to really drive home the point of how tender it really is. So many places give you paper thin slices to make the meat tender which here is entirely unnecessary. The beef was obviously seasoned with something, you can see it, but it in no way detracted from the flavor of the beef which is really the star of the show here. If you donít think you could spend 15 bones on a sandwich, donít go to Yankees stadium, you will die of dehydration and starvation there, but if Einstein was right, Lobelís is relatively way worth the investment. If not, hit a minor league park with better deals, my fav is the Biscuits in Montgomery AL. If you find yourself in Yankees stadium find the Lobelís stand, get over the cost and treat yourself to a standout at the park.



Okay a quick meal of eating oneís words. I just got back from a three game series in Cleveland and even though everything is a little cheaper, it ainít that much cheaper. Where ever you have a captive audience and a lot of sun, you gonna pay. Iíll pay for Lobelís.

And Lisa, next time I will!!!





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