Luca's NYC Pizza
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  03/13/14

After finding The Tip Top Restaurant recently, we noticed a tiny, shackesque little structure across the street with a neon sign making claims of New York style pizza. We looked them up and following finals we thought we should have a slice or two while grading. First off, they delivered. I have no idea what the place or people are like. I donít even know if you can eat inside.




The Fried Shrooms Were Fine

We ordered two medium (16Ē) pizzas (they have a 25Ē x-tra large/thatís New Yorky) some fried shrooms and a sandwich. They make their own sauce and dough, which they toss by hand (also New Yorky). They also state itís the best slice of pizza this side of NYC. Iím not sure what side they are referring to but that is a bold claim in a world full of pizzas.

Our fried mushrooms were pretty standard. The first pie was a simple pepperoni. Their sauce is bright and herby, the pepperoni is spicy and greasy, the crustÖ. Well, I was hoping for a little more character of some sort from the crust. It is thin, it is chewy, and that about sums it up. Itís fine but the claim is fading.

The second pie was a buffalo wing with chicken, Mozz and two sauces. I liked the combo of Buffalo Sauce and BBQ sauce, but I ended up wishing for more, especially the spicy one. It had more flash than the pepperoni but is still a far cry from the best on any side of NYC.

Not Bad But

Not Great

The Sauce Combo On The Chicken...

...Made It More Interesting Than The Pep

Finally, they do a steak sandwich. We had just tried Fiestaís and were curious for comparison but then I saw Lucaís has three varieties and I had to try the loaded one. Their standard is a Philly steak with sliced sirloin ribeye steak, grilled onion, Mozzarella cheese and mayo. Done that. The Deluxe adds mushrooms, green peppers, banana peppers and hot peppers. Iím in. The super deluxe adds additional dairy with American and Swiss cheeses. Sold. Itís not the best pizza and they certainly arenít going to challenge Patís or Tony Lukeís in Philly for sandwiches either. Like the shrooms and the pies, the sandwich is good in a pretty average sort of way. Not a bad thing.


The Luca's Steak, Super Deluxe

Is More Cheesy Than Steaky But Enjoyable



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