Main Street Grill (Buehler's)
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit: 09/06/13 

Both of our aging Honda’s are in the shop at the same time so I followed Steph on the bike to pick her up and we decided to make a really short breakfast run. I have not been to the little restaurant inside of Buehler’s grocery for years and I’ve been hesitant to  make a more official “write it up” visit as there are people who work in the building we are particularly fond of, but I have to be honest and if it sucks…well then it sucks. Fortunately, it turned out not to be a concern.



Hash Browns Didn't Quite Make Crispy

My memories of visits long ago didn’t necessarily inspire towering hope but that was decades ago. Mostly I remember functional but stodgy classics generally prepared for the blue hair set which at the time I remember expecting never to join. Let's not talk about where I stand on that front at the moment as the days continue to click by.

There has defiantly been an overhaul of the interior; it’s a little less country and a little more sheik. We had the hook up and were given a table manned by a fun and efficient server who seemed more like a pro as she gave the same attention to her other tables around us.

The revamped restaurant still has it’s share of blue hair but they have been joined by a younger crew as well. We were in for breakfast, Steph ordered the crepe and I went with something called the southern sausage skillet…sausage is diet kryptonite. Succulent, delicious, wonderful kryptonite.

Crepe Looks Sweet Enough To Kill You

Way Less Sweet Than Imagined, Savory Balance Makes For Breakfast Happiness

Steph’s crepe was filled with a lightly sweetened cream cheese mixture and topped with a warm apple compote, all crowned with switchbacks of whipped cream. What really impressed me about the crepe was the restraint shown on the sweet meter. It is a sweet dish but there are savory elements creating a nice balance that allow you to keep eating without jacking some insulin into your thigh after a couple of bites. Already a really nice surprise. Steph had ordered a side of hash browns well done, the hash browns arrived but didn't evidence the crisp of well done, our server noticed it immediately and offered to replace them but it wasn't that big a deal. They didn't taste like dish water (strange how often that happens) and while some crunch would be nice, the flavor worked.

Now That Looks Like Breakfast

Would Rate Excellent If Onions Were Tempered A Bit

The skillet started with hash browns which were covered by scrambled eggs, then American cheese, followed by onions and finally creamy sausage gravy. If I had to nitpick, my only issue would be the onions. Had they had some treatment by a little heat they would have taken the edge off and added a mix of sweet and sharp acid. Instead they were raw which made them scream instead of blending in with the rest of the choir. I am a fan of most things onion but these were even a bit much for me. Past that it was everything you wanted in a hefty breakfast option. The eggs were solid but fluffy, the cheese oozed down through the strata and the sausage gravy was rich and plump with sausage flavor.

Overall, we were both pleasantly surprised with the Main Street Grill at Buehler’s. Service and food not only exceeded expectations but managed to beat a number of better known locations on all fronts. Looks like I might have avoided the place for too long, we’ll be back.  




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