Main Street Cupcakes 
 Hudson, Ohio          Date of Visit: 01/14/12  

Many moons ago one of our culinary cohort hand delivered a cupcake to me in class just as the tiny cake craze was moving into the Midwest. I remember it fondly. It was a French Toast Cupcake with a Cream Cheese Icing and Bacon. Was Fabulous. I have been waiting to sample some of their other concoctions and a couple years later we arrive in Hudson for the second weekend in a row. The website highlights well over a hundred flavors, a few of which they have available each day. I also found we could order by phone since they do have regular sell-out days, so I ordered a dozen, nearly one of each available for the day.


Lotsa Cakes

The shop is in a quaint little building which was closed when we arrived since they close when the cases are empty. Good thing we had called and our little treats were waiting for us at the toy store next door. We had a huge dinner and decided to save them for a four person tasting the next day. Each was cut into eighths so we could directly compare them to each other. While there was some difference in opinion in most cases we felt the same way about each confection.

Below I will include the 12 from my least favorite to my most and will include the description their website gives for each cupcake. They look pretty good in the box; don't they? Some of us had difficulty with the thickness of the frostings (they are thick) etc. but this will focus more on the flavor of each offering more than anything else.

  Red Velvet   
Southern style red velvet cake smothered in white buttercream frosting.

When we first tried this one and everyone remarked how dry it was. I excused it thinking we had held all dozen for a day instead of trying them fresh. Once we started tasting others it was obvious this one was way dry by comparison. Not only was it dry but it was, well, boring.

Strawberry Daquiri   
Strawberry rum cake covered in a strawberry rum buttercream

This one had the most negative visceral reaction from our group and it appeared it had a lot to do with the amount of rum flavor which left room for nothing else, especially strawberries. Pretty. No Payoff.




Pink Champagne & Strawberries  
Moist pink champagne cake covered in a strawberry buttercream

Couldn't find a sense of champagne anywhere. There was so little of it that we kept going back to the list to try to find out what other type it might be. Disappointing.

Half Baked    
Vanilla cake mixed with chocolate chips filled with chocolate chip cookie dough topped with buttercream frosting

Not Bad. Nothing outstanding. The chocolate chips were nice.


You Must Be Chipping Me    
Classic vanilla cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate buttercream frosting, garnished with chocolate chips

Had more chocolate by description than the Hot Cocoa but didn't taste anywhere near as chocolatey.

French Vanilla    
Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream fluff topped with vanilla buttercream and rolled in crumbled vanilla cake

Good Solid Cupcake. Vanilla.


Chocolate Peanut Butter    
Dark chocolate cake mixed with peanut butter chips covered in a peanut buttercream frosting, garnished with peanut butter chips

Excellent marrying of peanut butter and chocolate flavor. Peanut butter is seldom the first thing I go for in desserts.  Would definitely order these again and again.

Hot Cocoa  
Milk chocolate cake baked with marshmallows and topped with vanilla buttercream, garnished with cocoa and marshmallows

Chocolate punch in the face, rich and dark. Great.


Pink Lemonade   
Pink lemonade flavored white cake covered in lemon buttercream frosting, garnished with pink sugar

Exactly as advertised without that astringent thing pink lemonade does to your throat making you more thirsty. Really nice and bright balance of flavors.

Cinnamon Roll   
Vanilla sweet butter cake with cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with a cream cheese butter cream and garnished with a cinnamon blend

Faulty people don't like cinnamon and oozy tangy cream cheesiness. Nothing wrong with this combo at all.



Caramel Covered Apple   
Fresh apples and cinnamon baked into our vanilla cake covered in a caramel buttercream

What a great seasonal option. Stupendous with little bites of apple and the cinnamon and caramel notes.

Lavish Lemon   
Vanilla cake filled with a lemon cream center outlined with vanilla buttercream

Love Lemon. Loved the Cupcake or else the Apple would have been #1. Perfect balance of tart and sweet with a serious does of citrus. Do they make whole cakes like this???

Whoa! Lemony Goodness!

Leftovers...for Later...At Least Some of Them

Main Street Cupcakes does a pretty nice job but I have to admit that at the end of the adventure I was way less dazzled than I had hoped to be. Our trip to A Cookie and a Cupcake found much more inventive, varied and tasty treats. There were some good options at Main Street but they were all tried and true combinations of textures and flavors. New is not always better but when you pull it off like some you have the most excellent surprises and feel less like the box held a great deal of filler.

If back in Hudson and looking for a sweet bite I would definitely return to Main Street for a cupcake but I wouldn't take a box home with me. Maybe next time they will have some of the other hundred that might be more fun to try. Til then I'll stick to lemon...or caramel and apples...or cinnamon roll....




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