Marie's Café
 Medina, Ohio           Date of Visit  04/29/16  

Had a meeting early in Medina. We are hungry and there’s a little café on the square. Once we distinguished the café from the other breakfast place right next door we stepped into a fairly well kept dining room framed with local art and were served by a very nice young lady. She could probably use some training to save her a great many steps (if the place ever filled up there’s no way they would function) but she was hospitable and in constant motion.



Things were simple, blueberry cornmeal cake (menu says cakes but it was cake) with breakfast meat (house sausage) and home fries. And their breakfast burrito, with scrambled eggs, house chorizo, pepper jack, tomato, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, green chilies, flour tortilla, sour cream, house salsa, and the same home fries.

The cornmeal cake was predictably dry but got some help from the syrup. The berries were fine but there was a flash of bitterness, maybe a bit much on the chemical leavening, but nothing terrible. The home fries were pretty standard cubes with just browned edges still in need of a little seasoning. The free-form, house-made sausage was pork on pork without much to get in the way of the juicy hogitude. Typically, I would look for sage or some garlic, or paprika, or whatevs, but I didn’t really miss it here, the grind stood well on its own.

Fancy Dancy Hot Chocolate Was Popular At Our Table

Didn't Meet The Promise

Taters Were "Run Of The Mill"

But Simple Porky Patty Stands Out

The chorizo in the breakfast burrito was similar, simple and straightforward, but here I wanted more of a punch from the sausage to push through the load of tortilla inhabitants. Not a bad place to grab a bite if you’re in the square, but nothing warranting the trip alone. Maybe we'll check out the place next door.


South Of Border Breakfast

Needed More South Of Border Punch In Chorizo



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