Metropolis Popcorn
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio      Date of Visit: 06/28/13

On our way out of Rockin on the River we passed Metropolis Popcorn which we had discussed trying a number of times and they were open to capitalize on the festival crowd. We got some to go as we were feeling a bit queasy after several stops around the vendors at the concert. It’s a small place with a wall that looks like peg board in Andre the Giant’s garage. Inside each hole in the wall is a large plastic tub filled with flavored popcorn. Remember, my arithmetic is sketchy at best but I totaled 55 different flavors peeking out of each little nook.



These Are The Real Prices

Their flavors are divided into seasoned, candied and deluxe varieties and we took four small bags home with us: Buffalo Chicken – Mud Puppy – Tequila Lime – Chicago Mix. The young staff were pleasant and helpful. They stuffed our bags to the top and did it with a smile. Not bad.

We were suspicious of the bucket method but the popcorn seems to have held up well and the candied versions have a protective coating. Everything seemed pretty fresh and they were replacing contents of the tubs while we were there so it appears they keep churning it out pretty consistently.

We got the Buffalo Chicken to see how an odder option stood up. It has a light heat, some chickeniness and a vinegary tang. Its actually pretty good. The Chicago mix is good but will never live up to Garrett’s from one of the locations that is so busy they are cooking the caramel down in front of you and delivering the mix hot in the bag.



Actually it isn’t quite as good as the cold stuff we got at the Garrett’s at the train station in Chicago either, butter deficiency I would guess. Still good for these parts.

The Mud Puppy is just like the cereal version, especially considering it contains the cereal along with the chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar. It’s just as good with the popcorn included. The tequila lime has a light caramel shell and is laced with a pale green icing which contains the margarita notes you would expect from the name.

The only other local popcorn place I know is Popped in Kent and Metropolis has them beat hands down. The building isn’t as clean and fresh but the cornucopia of options and the out of the microwave bag/box flavorings make it a much more intriguing experience worth return trips.


Four Flavors To Go

Acceptable Version Of The Chicago Magic Mix

Just Like The Cereal Treat + Popcorn

Caramel With A Green Margarita Glaze...Tasty

Spicy, Vinegary, And Pretty Darn Good Chicken Popcorn



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