Mike's Place (Breakfast)
 Kent, Ohio      Date of Visit  09/28/14      

We had tried Mike’s Place in Kent for lunch and had found little but disappointment. We did notice everyone around us seemed to be enjoying their breakfast options. It took us four years to risk another visit but we are better prepared to order. The place is still delightfully wacky, the décor, the menus, the rules, the options for payment, all help pass the time waiting for your show. The service is pretty average for a college town diner with an odd mix of coeds walking the floor. Ours today was pretty good, especially compared to a couple that seemed to wear their disaffection and angst on their sleeves. We ordered breakfast…everyone else ordered breakfast…if you go to Mike’s I would recommend breakfast. Steph had the “Texas-sized” French toast. Safe. Texas toast sliced bread. Egg goop. Griddle. Butter & syrup. It was exactly that, a perfectly average French toast.



Steph Said The Hot Chocolate Is Thick, Rich & Chocolaty

I have had their morning breakfast special previously:  eggs, meat, taters, toast, all fine. I had stopped in another day to risk something a little wilder, kinda like an eggs benedict with cheese sauce instead of hollandaise. They say hollandaise is too uppity for their mojo…I like hollandaise but cheese is also an affable fellow. I remember it more fondly than the French toast or the morning special. I went a little further this trip and ordered something called The Mr. Bilbo Brimfield Bogfest. Two eggs on a grilled English muffin, with sausage patties & mushrooms, then topped with cheese sauce. Its served with “Hobbit fries” which turn out to be their homefries…no diced hobbit anywhere. While the zany lunch options did little for me, goofy breakfast is more up my alley. Flavorful porky patty, eggs over easy (as ordered), shrooms are a nice touch, and if you don’t like cheese you may want to Google genetic testing. Average homefries and bought in muffin…fun and tasty. Far from some of the extravagant wonders we have enjoyed to break the nightly fast but about as good as you might do in Kent…and far superior to lunch.

Exactly French Toast

And Average Hash Browns

Weird Sounding Stuff Tastes Pretty Good

Much Better Than It Did At Lunch



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