Milk and Honey
 Canton, Ohio        Date of Visit  10/21/12      
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Taking a last shot at creating positive karma in Canton we snuck down for a Sunday lunch, hoping to hit another long and venerable dining institution. Unfortunately John’s Grille needs to update their website, at least the hours listed for weekend, cause they’re lying. Sitting in the parking lot after finding the door locked the phone pointed out another place right up Cleveland Ave. I had thought closed. Turns out I just haven’t been far enough up the street for quite a while. I think the place opened towards the end of my undergrad tenure; Steph had also been there but it seems like only for ice cream. They are open so we are in luck.



Some Interesting Plates

We strolled through the candyshop, booths and counter set up in the front room to the slightly cozier back room. The walls are adorned with classic car stuff and license plates. I’ve seen the plate thing before but many of the few offerings at Milk and Honey are interesting for one reason or another. Either what the vanity plate spells or where the thing comes from in the first place. There were plates from Gitmo, Okinawa, etc. Our server was young and I wouldn’t imagine well trained. She was friendly and seemed to understand the basics of the tasks assigned to her so it worked overall.

We tried a cup of chili, a cup of soup du jour, chicken fingers and a steak burger. The cup of chili was filled to the brim before the cheese and onions were set on top giving the whole thing a precarious soufflé essence. The chili was pretty standard but was a roaring success compared to the version recently tried at Crawford’s. The daily was a chicken noodle with a rich chicken broth and big pieces of chicken, pasta and aromatic veggies. Not a bad start all the way around.

Functional Chili

Pretty Darn Good Chicken Noodle

Standard Chicken And Skinny Fries

Where Does The Awesome Char Come From

The burger and fingers arrived with thin cut fries which started off tasty but quickly cooled to hard tater sticks like thin fries are wont to do. The chicken was hot and juicy. I would consider the breading passable.  Nothing more or less than I would have expected. The steak burger was better than expected. The kitchen is right behind the counter and I didn’t see a grill outside of the flattop but I must have missed something as the burger was coated with the texture and taste of serious char that could only come from open flame. It has to be there somewhere. Fresh toppings, toasted bun. Nothing wrong with any of that.


Just The Sundae Section Of The Treat Menu

Minty Grasshopper

Real Whipped Cream And Freshly Roasted Pecans With Butterscotch, Chocolate And Ice Cream

Candy Shop

As you might guess from the name (Milk and Honey not Cow and Birdie) there is a substantial ice cream and candy side of the business. The ice cream menu is easily twice the size of the savory and we decided on a couple of sundae options. Steph went with the Grasshopper, mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. I went with the Turtle, vanilla with butterscotch, chocolate sauce, pecans and whipped cream. We talked about not getting ice cream. We talked about splitting ice cream. If you are trying at all to dine somewhat healthily, more power to you. If you are going to throw all of that to the wind for some ice cream you could do way worse than Milk and Honey. The ice cream is premium. The whipped cream is real. And awesome. And take it from me, get one with nuts. They roast their own in house and the salty and stunningly fresh pecans in the turtle sundae would compete well with the pecans in the Bittner up the road a way at Taggarts. Glorious. What diet? Fat, dumb and happy. Church!




What's Best

What's Worst

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