Mobile Sushi Bar
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 04/26/14    

Visiting the first local food truck assembly, set to benefit the Copley schools extra curricular programs, I took another step in the realm of raw fish. It’s been years since Kasai made me alright with sashimi from a strip mall. Today we tried it out of the side of a food truck. Yikes.
The fish was starkly cold…good. The veggies were also chillingly crisp, they must have some serious refrigeration on that rolling beast. The are associated with a new restaurant on the square in Medina we may try at some point. We learned this through a weirdly clingy hard sell from a woman accosting the truck's customers. I appreciated the information…but at some point you have to leave it alone. I think she would have been happy only if we had walked away and driven to Medina right then.


Oh Lordy, Sushi From A Truck

Standard & Fusion Options


Some things were very good…others less so. There were some very young dudes working in the truck…I would feel better with a little adult supervision when it comes to precarious ingredients. When they forgot most of our order, I was less comfortable. The tunarito turned out to be a nice piece of fusion. They had traditional rolls on the menu but there were three options which were served in a whole wheat tortilla. The rice was exceptionally done and held, still offering texture and notions of the vinegar, sugar and salt pushing through. What most people struggle with producing they did well. Add the tuna, cucumber, scallion, avocado, carrot, and other traditional ingredients plus a splash of soy sauce and it will disappear quickly.

The Look Didn't Inspire Much Confidence

But The Tortilla Was Filled With Well Prepared Sushi Standards

The duck, duck, wings were not a favorite of Steph’s, she detested them actually. There were some things that did work. Probably confited, they were tender and juicy, the sticky sauce had loads of flavor. Where things began to turn was the first bite where I got a mouthful of unrendered floppy fat. No thanks. The sauce showed very little restraint for a sushi joint and needed more balance between the sweet, gingery bite. Then the shower of cilantro atop turned out to be way too much. Instead of cutting through the sauce, it often trampled it. Nice idea, flawed production.

What worked the least well for me were the not-so-nachos. Kinda crisp wheat tortilla triangles (ehhh) were topped with blackened tuna (good), spicy aioli  (good), eel sauce (fine), tomato (fine), cilantro (fine) and jalapeno cream cheese sauce (not my thing). All together this just failed for me…I don’t like cream cheese sushi rolls to start with, the jalapeno actually helped in that regard, but when you stacked it all together it just swirled into a little bit of nothing. If we were ever to hit this truck again I would stick to the rolls, traditional or tortillaed.


Duck Wings Had Too Much Of Everything

Very Little Of This Worked For Me, At All




What's Best

What's Worst

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        Tunarito "Not So" Good    
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