Mr. Beef
 Chicago, Illinois        Date of Visit  04/08/11          
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There was no way we could eat our way through Chicago without trying to understand the Italian Beef phenomenon. The television would have you believe that there are only two places serving this Chicago only staple but we literally saw hundreds of storefronts offering the sandwich. There are two however, with long histories and much acclaim. Mr. Beef and Alís. Not knowing if we would be able to get to more than one our guide the aforementioned Michael Wonka said we had to experience Mr. Beef. One reason is Mr. Beef is Mr. Beef. It is in the same location is has been and there is just the one. We really lucked out and found a spot in the parking lot next door and went inside to meet Mr. Wonka.



Inside Mr. Beefs

There is a long counter with about a dozen people and a couple of guys on the other side in a constant mad dash to get the orders up and out. Our turn arrived and we ordered a beef dry, and two beefs wet with hot and sweet, along with fries. The guy behind the counter was amazingÖmore Italian than the beef itself he had this all down to a sweet science. He can hustle, do five things at once, and be pleasant. It wasnít long until we had sandwiches in hand and entered the ďelegant dining roomĒ. How do you know itís elegant, there is a sign that tells you so. Once you step in the elegance is easily apparent. The snowblower, the movie posters with Sinatra and clan, a signed movie poster from Joe Montegna on which the words Best Sandwich Ever were inscribed. The clientele is no less diverse than the streets of Chicago. There was a beret wearing dude carrying a cello, a couple of guys in business suits, and some random just hanginí out guys all hunched over greasy paper.  
Running All Over My Shirt Before We Sat Down

Holy Beef!!!

Just Packed with Tasty

Simple But Good Fries

Are the sandwiches juicy? I had a swath of juice running down my shirt before we even got to the table. I usually wait until Iím eating to ruin my clothes. To me, Mr. Beef is an appropriate name for this place. It is all about the beef. The giardiniera is very mild and consists of a lot of celery compared to the other places we went. What you taste is beef beef beef. The most pure offering in the best setting, real, original, and delicious. The fries were also fresh and crispy and added a nice touch of salt with the sandwiches.


How Do You Know its Elegant?

Any Questions?

Now the blanket statement for our Italian Beef experience in Chicago.

If itís all about the Beef and nothing moreÖMr. Beefís is your spot.

If you are looking for more pizzazz and options, and a little comfort, Alís will welcome you.

If you want to go to the place most havenít heard of but to me has the most outstanding sandwich and flavor, try Johnnies.




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