Mulligan's (2) First Trip Here
 Canton, Ohio         Date of Visit  03/29/14  

We are getting close to Steph’s birthday and in our little quirk we celebrate on random days surrounding the actual date. Of the few things that will pretty much guarantee me a happy wife, a bowl of lobster bisque from Mulligan's is towards the top of the category. It doesn’t have the enormous chunks of maine lobster like the version at Chez Francoise but as far as flavor is concerned, at least in this area, no one is as bang on as Mulligans. They straight up tell you on the menu it’s langostine (more mutant shrimpy than lobster) but the cream, butter, sherry and spice profile is stupendous.


My First Time In The Library

It's Just A Really Nice Place


Why Mulligan's?

Loaded With Delisch & Langostine


The place is still awesome…it was the first time I sat in the library…still awesome. The service tends to be pretty good through most of your stay with random lapses. This trip we tried more dinnery options than our first “official” visit and found pretty run of the mill chow. Following glorious bisque and fresh salads (if you like bleu cheese they will pile the crumbles on for you), I tried the ribs which are listed as having won multiple awards…I can only assume the awards were gifted prior to any other BBQ place opened in Canton. Again not bad, but nothing you would ever return to have again. Overdone and topped with a bright red/orange sauce (ala Heinz) its edible but ain’t much for BBQ.


Salad Boosted By Handful Of Stinky Cheese

The Award Winning Rib Dinner


The Fries Were Done Very Well

The Sauce Needs Something To Balance All Of The Ketchup


Steph tried the filet special, bacon wrapped and topped with a red wine and portabella bordelaise sauce. The sauce skinned over pretty quickly but coagulated on top of a perfectly mid rare and tender lump of loin. For me, a simple salt and pepper crust would have worked better than the stodgy sauce. The fries were nicely done, the baker was nicely done, the onion ring was set on a leaf of lettuce which made it soggy and taste more like dark greens than fried aromatic.



One Of The Steak Specials

The Bordelaise Turned Out Too Glopy


But The Steak Was Done Just Right

Why DO That...Just Put It Somewhere Else & We'd All Be OK


Even if the dinner was bad the soup would be enough for us to occasionally trek the 30 minutes to Mulligan’s. If it were better, we would probably do it much more often.

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  B+ B The Soup Outshines The Entrees In A Comfortably Nice Setting  
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 Canton, Ohio         Date of Visit  03/13/11  

The search for new places to put on the site has often led us back to places we have not seen for many a moon. The same circumstances led us back to Canton where we really enjoyed getting reacquainted with Taggarts for another location in our old stomping grounds. Sitting right across the street from the Belden Village Mall is Mulligans Restaurant and Pub. Twenty some years ago when I was in college we went to Mulligans just a handful of times for special occasions and I couldn’t begin to remember what it was that made this place that type of destination. I knew it was pricier then our typical haunts in those days, not their problem but ours…these were the days we used to schlep over to the Golden Arches to take on five big macs for five bucks…everyone in the car. We decided to tool down for lunch to see what was going on.



Salad was Fine, Breadstick was Tasty

The building itself is pretty awesome, an odd mélange of sports bar and restaurant but in a tasteful blend. There are stained glass windows, uber dark woodwork and lighting with thin televisions placed strategically in case whatever game might be on is more captivating than your company. As the name suggests, the theme is Irish and it carries right through to the menu with some additional offerings. Of course the place is all decked out with shamrocks and other greenery with the upcoming day of imbibing just around the corner, which seemed to clash with the stolid and serious back drop. So what is the food like, would it be all flashy cardboard or serious dark heft? Time to find out.

We started with a small salad which was accompanied by pretty good dressings and a warm and well seasoned bread stick. We also ordered a bowl of lobster bisque, which Steph has been craving since the complete debacle at The Galaxy in Wadsworth. I did get one spoonful and when I got it, I understood why it was the only one I was allowed.

Crispy Irish Spring Rolls with a Vat of Thousand Island

Bowl of Glory!!! Worth the Trip Alone


The soup is a regular on the menu and it is there for a reason. Both ethereal and substantive, this luxurious broth was rife with shellfish and sherry. Stupendous! Our other appetizer was the Irish Spring Rolls which the menu states is a “Mulligans Original”. Whether or not this Asian/Irish fusion was first fashioned in this kitchen doesn’t much matter since they do make them well. Seriously crisp wonton skins embrace juicy corned beef, kraut and Swiss cheese. They are served with a bowl of Thousand Island dressing that you could wash your feet in…that doesn’t sound appealing does it? But it is. The dressing is unlike most I have had and may be made in house. It has a less sweet more pungent pickleyness to it which added a layer of bite to the fried dumplings. We are going back to try the new buffalo chicken spring rolls, they sound fabulous and without doubt we will be getting the lobster bisque again.

The Burgers Are Deelish...

Done Any Way You Like...Check Out the Liquid Flavor (don't think fat) Soaking the Bun!

Lastly we got a burger. The server said they are excellent and I was convinced I wasn’t getting a Reuben since we had essentially gotten one as an appetizer. Then I saw they had a Reuben burger…goodness…I so wasn’t going to do this. You can upgrade to the fries but I would stay with the chips next time as the fries are thin and quickly become cold and mealy. The burger was simply superb. Good roll to catch at least most of the beefy goodness that came streaming out of the patty with each bite. The patty also had a crisp and seasoned crust that adds that outdoorsey flavor to the whole mess. The Swiss was great but the corned beef and kraut were a thin addition and really didn’t add much to the sandwich. I will go a different route next time as there are a few other interesting sounding burgers and if the toppings aren’t great, the burger will be.

Lastly we took about two and a half bites of the featured dessert which this month is the Irish cream cake. We would have gone with the long remembered mile-high Snickers pie, but knowing we could only afford a taste, the ice cream layer would never survive the journey home. The cake was moist and both the cake and the filling are awash in Irish Cream flavor. There are all sorts of dinner options, light and heavy, a kids menu, as long as it starts with the Lobster Bisque, I’m in. Next time TWO bowls.

Creamy and Chocolaty Irishness




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