Nacho Mama Truck
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 06/28/14              No Known Website

So we are in Medina, at a complete bust of a food truck rally. The trucks are there but the public ainít. There is some desperation in the air. It did allow us instant access to whatever truck in which we had an interest, and today we tried Nacho Mamaís, Gyro Bobís, and Premier Crepes.




Nacho Mamaís seemed to have lost all hope for the day, if not forever. We ordered nachos and a dog. The nachos were a tequila lime chicken with sour cream, corn salsa, spicy slaw and half shredded/half goopy cheese. At one point I pulled a piece of the chicken out of the pile and it actually had a fairly decent flavor profile. Had I not sought out a piece I never would have know because the whole boat together was a sloppy mess. I have a penchant for sloppy foods, if I have to look like I wrestled my dinner someÖthatís okay by me. But this was sloppy in the taste department and I canít abide such. It seemed the more they piled on top the less it tasted like anything. It ended up being tortilla chips topped with gruel. Not my thing.

This Stuff Started Off Sorry

And Decompensated With Each Bite

The dog was more successful, even though it had a fair pile of mess on top. The difference was the chorizo in the dog could manage the competition and the rest worked to elevate the dog. The sausage had kick between fair and fierce (excellent) and was topped with nacho cheese, spicy slaw, black beans and a good pile of jalapenos. This thing seemed incredible but it had more to do with comparison to the failed nachos. A perfectly average sausage sandwich isnít going to save the first mess. I knew going in these folks were not my mama, turns out their not my nachos either.


Heat And Spice Made This Much Better

But That Was Still Compared To The Nachos




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