Port Clinton, Ohio         Date of Visit  07/17/13  

This is going to be comparatively brief. If you have ever been to a teppanyaki restaurant and had dinner with the show combined on the hot grill in front of the table you will not find much different at Nagoya. Itís pretty nice inside, especially for the lake area.



Their Version Of Lettuce Wraps

The show at the table was purposefully inhibited as we had two tiny diners with us and even teppanyaki chefs from Port Clinton Ohio know you donít want to put a kid in danger. The onion volcano can be more of a burp than an eruption and everyone goes home happy, or at least goes home. Unfortunately, no shrimp were caught during production. There were attempts, ugly, spastic, unsuccessful attempts, but no scores.

A couple of things did stand out to me compared to other places we have tried. Iím actually a little embarrassed to say it but my prototype for lettuce wraps still resides at P.F. Changs. It's not that their isn't good. It is. I have just been able to find little joints that blow the large operations out of the water with so many different dishes, I have yet to find a lettuce wrap that puts the smack down on P.F. Changs. So the challenge begins. The best I have had beside theirs was actually here at Nagoya. Instead of trying to replicate the exact dish the spicy garlic sauce with the chicken actually had its own thing going on and that thing was nice.


Goodness, Best Ginger Dressing I've Had

Scallops Over Done But Tasty

You Ought Not Leave Hungry

The ginger dressing on the salad (same as every other joint) was actually much better balanced here and while I like ginger and this mixture typically; I found myself almost greedily devouring the salad, the dressing was just so well put together compared to previous versions.

The soup was average, the scallops were well done, the shrimp and steak were passable, the veggies were about what you would expect as was the fried rice, yum yum and steak sauces. Nagoya isnít breaking any new ground but made for a fair night out.




What's Best

What's Worst

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