New York Pizzeria
 Las Vegas, Nevada (New York New York)       Date of Visit  12/14/12

We are staying at New York New York this trip for the first time in about 20 years, our only stay when it had first opened. After a day of reading on a plane we are still on home time and very hungry so something quick and then bed. We stopped at Nine Fine Irishmen and found that once the band starts for the evening even standing room is at a premium so we headed up to the mezzanine to find something to eat and found New York Pizzeria. We should have gotten a pretzel next door and headed to bed.



Crime In A Cup

Standard casino food court feel and service left us sitting with two slices and a Stromboli. The slices were pepperoni and supreme, the Stromboli was sausage. I can only assume this is not what New York Pizza is like or all of those New Yorkers have finally succumbed to the pollution and can’t taste anything but bitterness.

To be fair the crust was unique and actually very good. Thin but not as thin as I have seen in New York versions…it was easily folded and eaten.  I should have scrapped everything off of the crust and just had good toast. It had a nice developed flavor and the bottom had a crispiness close to a cracker but became softer towards the top of the layer. Anything good or interesting ended there.

 On the supreme slice I thought there may have been no sauce. There wasn’t much which is fine if you have a sauce of some significance.

It Almost Looks Good Enough To Eat

Not Worth The Chewing However

Regardless Of Shape

Cheese Packet Only Discernable Flavor
  The Stromboli came with a cup of “sauce” . When I just tasted the contents of the cup I realized why I couldn’t taste it on the pizza. The sauce is canned crushed tomato and…well, nothing. Add meager quality toppings and cheese which sweats grease like me running a marathon and you have something you wish you hadn’t ordered. The Stromboli was the same thing wrapped into a nugget instead of a slice. I’ll stick to trying New York pizza in New York, the Vegas version is insipid and depressing.



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