New York Pretzel
 Las Vegas, Nevada (New York New York)        Date of Visit  12/15/12      

The mezzanine level of the New York New York casino literally ruined my appetite with New York Pizzeria's (it's gotta be a joke) homage to the NY slice. It only took several hours to not feel as though I would never desire to eat again and we thought we would once again ascend the escalator and see if everything that starts with New York in the building is as horrible as the Pizza. Fortunately for our digestion, it's not all horrible.



Pretzels Available  In Various Forms

It's not anything special either. We did a late breakfast of pretzel sticks and a parmesan pretzel hot dog. The parm on the dough wrapped around the dog might have been a bit much but the dog is a Nathan's sausage and a stripe of mustard calmed the cheese down some.

The pretzels themselves are in the ball park of what you would find in any mall, fair or Walmart. Think Auntie Anne's without the overtone of butter or We're Rollin. Steph mentioned a particular upside compared to our local We're Rollin at the Wallyworld, New York Pretzel keeps their cream cheese (which we selected as a dip) refrigerated. Warm pretzel, large salt crystals and cold cream cheese was enjoyed under the small Statue of Liberty in front of New York New York.

We never made it back for a Big Apple...can't believe I just did that...but I would pick the pretzel place over the pizza place 1000 times out of 1000 times. Luckily, Vegas has plenty of dining options outside of a single casino.

With Various Dips

Unless You Are Into Something Sweet

The Sticks Were Fair To Midland

Same For The Hotdog



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