New York Style Pizza & Deli
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  08-08-14          FaceBook Page

Late Friday night classes will have us strolling into the Falls for some new dinner adventures. This one fit the idea of adventure. Discovered on the internet, The New York Style Pizza and Deli used to be located behind Louie’s Bar & Grille. The owner states on the Facebook page, she sold it to folks that have been trying to pass it off as hers, unsuccessfully, and she has opened a new location. To our surprise (dismay?) the new location is literally a hole in the wall at Jaco’s beer and cigarette drive-thru.



There is a younger dude watching tv and snacking on a drumstick (the ice cream kind) who tells us our order will take about 20 minutes. Twitter sitting in the car can only entertain for so long. I wish there had been some hint that there was no actual restaurant and we could have ordered over the phone and picked it up with some swill and coffin nails in the drive thru. The menu offers pizza and sandwiches as well as chicken and jojos. About a half hour later we were looking for a flat place to set up.

We started with their Park Avenue pizza, topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, sausage and black olives. First things first, there in nothing “New York” about this pizza. It’s much more Akron pizza, and a barely average one at that. The crust is thick and has a nice texture but serves no other flavor purpose than a plate to keep gravity from pulling the toppings to the ground. The sauce is orange and tasteless. The whole thing provides calories but really nothing to enjoy.


This Is As New York As A Frozen Bagel

But The Bagel Tastes Better...Untoasted

The chicken and jojos were also sub par. The chicken wasn’t completely dried out but it was well down the path. The breading on both failed to improve the vegetable or the bird. It made me miss the chicken and taters from the gas station in town when they used to have the Chester Fried station in the back. On a side note…the chicken comes in dark meat, white meat and mixed. The white meat comes with a breast (white) and a wing (dark). So what the @#*% is the mixed? A breast and a lollipop?

The Boring Breading Helped Neither Chicken

Nor Tater
  We ordered two sandwiches as well. The last hope for redemption. It wasn’t to be. Both sandwiches came on fairly good bread. Both were long. Neither was worth the effort. I was immensely disappointed to discover the Italian sausage parmesan sandwich didn’t contain juicy links of spiced Italian sausage but a sprinkling of the same ho-hum crumbled gray meat from the pizza and the same spaghettio’s sauce.

The cheese steak was a little better on the flavor profile but if you are going to advertise and make long honking sandwiches…spreading the filling from a six inch sub across the landscape of a twelve inch roll is not a recipe for success. On a positive note, it was easier to punch the calories into the app on my phone than it would have been had it not been easier to stop eating.

This Is What They Call A Sausage Sandwich


The Sandwiches Are Long

But Short On Filling & Flavor



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