Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/17/13        
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As Tevye sings, the Columbus Food Truck Show has become “Tradition”. I know it’s only been happening for two years but we have had a good time stomping around the commons, enjoying the people zoo and trying some new eats. We actually tripled our truck fare in our second year and while they couldn’t all be great we did make a couple of finds. We probably had more that was mediocre but that just comes with more, we also had more tastiness. We snacked at The Good Frank, Holy Smoke BBQ, The Coop, Nicolasa’s, The Burrito Bus and Gigi’s Cupcakes This is The Nicolasa's.



Tiny Rainbow Sprayed Trailer

Nicolasa’s was offering a number of wraps but we were filling up and were instead attracted to the little sign underneath the menu which listed about a half dozen smoothie flavors. We ordered three, a strawberry, a pina colada and a mix of all of the above.

While we were waiting for the smoothies to blend we were transfixed by what was going on at Island Noodles next door. These guys had a line a mile long…exponentially longer than any other truck and they were serving veggies and noodles.

There was a bit of a show with two guys furiously slicing veggies and dumping noodles into large woks but you couldn’t see that from the end of the line. I don’t know if they were any good but they sure caught everyone’s attention.

The Crazy Cutters Next Door Couldn't Keep Up With Noodle Demand

The Line Kept Going And Going

What was this post about again? Oh yeah, our trio of smoothies arrived. They were good, cold and packed with fruity sweetness. They might even have been good with a cup of udon but three hours is a bit much for me. The smoothies were refreshing and quick.

My Mixed Smoothie Was Tasty

As Were The Strawberry And Pina Colada



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