Ninny's Dogs
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio    Date of Visit  07/30/15

So, the restaurants continue to revolve through the same storefront across from ACME in the Falls. Now it’s a dog shop. They have spent some cash buffing up the interior from the most recent sandwich shop but they would have been better served cutting a whole in the wall and putting in a fan. It’s kinda like eating in a building on fire…heat and smoke permeate the air. The service is quick but quirky. Okay…it’s downright looney.



I'm Surprised You Can't See The Smoke...Or The Crazy...Plenty Of Both

While some may find the antics of the sole employee fascinating, we did watch her literally scare two customers back out the door following her fierce rendition of the “Shaft” theme song while throwing another order together. SHAFT!...they look at each other in some confusion…SHAFT!...eyes widen and murmurs are heard…SHAFT!...and with an expressive shake of the head they are gone. “You’re damn right.” Look it up…it’s from the 70’s.

We ordered the Ninny's Original, essentially a Chicago style dog. Quarter Pound all-beef sausage with mustard, onion, relish, tomato wedges, sport peppers, pickle spear and celery salt on a steamed poppyseed bun. I’ve had the original from the Comiskey stand at U.S. Cellular Field and while it has the same toppings there is some distance between the two. The original is loaded with half a salad bar and Ninny’s falls far short. The sausage itself isn’t bad and the same dog comes on the chili cheese with onion. The very finely grained chili is lightly sweet and doesn’t do much to hold your interest after the first bite.

The "Original" or Chicago Dog. Nice Sausage, Chintzy Garden

Don't Want Fancy But Do Want Toppings To Actually Land On The Dog, Sadly Sloppy

If the hot dogs are ok…the huge Polish sausage is really tasty with functional kraut and onions but the bun didn’t even pretend to do its job with everything leaking and falling through before you could pick it up once. The Philly cheese was a disaster from top to bottom. The meat itself reeked and tasted of freezer burn. It made me glad there wasn’t much of it in the sandwich, never thought that about one in Philly. There was a fair plop of cheese but it hadn’t melted through leaving a big lump of it in the center of the mess. I know they just opened…they definitely have a good bit to work out…I just wonder if they’ll have the time to try or if there will be yet another sign across the street.

She Buys A Good Polish Sausage But The Rest Is Pointless

This Was Tragic



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