Ohio Deli
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/14/12             

First seen challenging (not much) Adam Richman on Man vs. Food none of us had ever been to Ohio Deli and thought we would give it a go. Others thought I should try the challenge called the Dagwood which is a 2.5 pound ham, turkey, roast beef and cheese sandwich served with a pound of fries and needs to be consumed in 30 minutes to win a shirt and get your picture on the wall. Not gonna happen. First off I would much rather be sick from eating a pound of lots of different things than a pound of the same thing over and over.




Secondly…it’s big…but it’s essentially a club sandwich. They don’t make their own meats or use anything special…I could just as well order three clubs from subway and do much better with the veggies.

Although the place is a deal…the whole mess for the challenge comes in at just north of $10. Someone sitting behind us took a shot and I gotta say, it doesn’t look so big in person, but it was way more than this guy could manage.

The place is continuously packed with people and tables fill before they are cleared. It’s not particularly clean inside but with the traffic the stuff on the floors could easily be fresh…no way you’re going to sweep around that many people. A large portion of the folks we could see were working diligently at large breakfast platters which looked tasty but we had sammitches on our minds. The service was pretty average all the way around and our order was whisked to the kitchen.

Hot Italian, Good Not Great

Similar Appraisal For Downtowner

Warm Corned Beef and Cold Turkey Was Interesting Mix

Cheese Fries...Yup, Cheese Fries


We ordered a downtowner, a hot Italian, and a hot corned beef and turkey. Sandwiches come with chips which are generically salty and crisp. The downtowner was preceded by a cup of applesauce which by report was “appley”. The spicy Italian was pretty darn good with nice bite from the spices in the meats. It wouldn’t rival the Primo’s version but I would definitely order it again. The downtowner was an open faced roast beef which was fine, there are beef gravies that just make roast beef or mashed potatoes or fries distinctive, this ain’t one of em. The corned beef and turkey were also tasty while not extraordinary. Good sandwiches, fair prices and I’m pretty certain I want to try breakfast there.




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