Palombo's Italian
 Canton, Ohio               Date of Visit  02/02/13

We found ourselves in Canton to help some long time friends say goodbye to another friend who had been their dad and grandfather. So leaving the chapel with sadness and hope we realized we had not eaten today we looked for a close place to sit and remember and found Palomboís Italian Restaurant just around the corner.



Good Start

Our early dinner started off well. Our server was hopping, the place was packed although most were sitting around the bar and the menu features pictures of the original owners emigrating from Italy.

We tried the Wedding soup and salads to start. Before they arrived we received warm Italian bread, a great sign. The wedding soup was fantastic, great broth and tiny meatballs, bitter greens and lumps of melted parm, delicious.

The salads were fresh and the house Italian dressing was stunningly sharp with enough balsamic vinegar to pack serious punch. Things were going well, until our dinners arrived.

Excellent Second Volley

Pungent House Dressing

Too Much Fire

Too Much Ice

Lasagne and chicken parmesan. And after Steph tasted the meatballs in the soup she ordered one doused with sauce. As we celebrated earlier in the day good things are only given to us for so long. The lasagna wasnít bad. What it was, was stone cold in the center. At least they didnít half reheat it in the microwave or it would have been the other way around. The sauce is loaded with texture but the flavors they should represent never really materialized. It did look pretty good. The meatball was dowdy and sad compared to the miniature version adorning the soup with an unpleasant texture. In an effort to race to the bottom the chicken parm was suspiciously greasy and around the edges had the tell tale color and flavor of what we who have worked in kitchens call burned. At least try to hide it under the cheese. A piece of baklava to go headed back towards the top of the afternoon but could never manage to save.


What Happened To This Meatball?

Baklava Was Better



What's Best

What's Worst

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