Instead of our typical trip to Vegas to celebrate our delayed Anniversary, Mother Dear gave us the chance to explore a long dreamed of locale, NOLA. We had an almost perfect trip and New Orleans is all it’s purported to be. All of the downsides to any large city exist, but are clearly outmatched by the upsides. And then there is the food, my GOD, the food. We ate ourselves stupid, and regretted it a couple of times immediately afterward. But looking back, I wouldn’t have skipped anything.

It was our first trip, so it was a touristy trip. We tried the things you see on tv over and over instead of trying to find hidden gems. Especially shocking was how good SO MANY of the classics turned out to be. Only twice was I disappointed, and by disappointed I mean the place was only good. Much more often I was surprised by how much better the place was than expected, a rare treat repeated and repeated in the Crescent City. If you are from our neck of the wood, or anywhere else than NOLA, it is a completely different world, and one worth experiencing for multitudinous reasons. Vegas is a different world but it is a calculated and manufactured experience, New Orleans has evolved in a storied and historic manner into what it is, you can feel it everywhere you go. Nothing like it.      True Dat.


Pat O'Brien's
 New Orleans, Louisiana        Date of Visit  12/14/15         

Wasn’t a planned trip. Was recommended to us and while we strolled Bourbon Street one night (not really my thing) we saw a line down the block. On our way back the line was gone, there was a really friendly dude working the door and we were inside at the piano bar adding loud
O-H-I-O’s to a rendition of Hang on Sloopy. We weren’t alone. Football rivalries are easily overcome in a room full of SEC mopes when they are loaded on the house special…the Hurricane.



Purportedly created here, this tall ruby eraser of all senses leaves the bar at a staggering pace. I had two. Phooff. The sweetness hides the serious amount of joy-juice and explains how people in Auburn/Alabama/etc. caps are hooting Buckeye chants far from the land of the Big Ten.

The place is enormous with a gorgeous open air space in the middle of the block. Once you finish imbibing, they will wrap up your glassware and send you stumbling down the uneven streets of the French Quarter.

Sweet Blinding Juice

And Live Music To Boot



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