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Just so you know, out of my personal bitterness and immaturity, this page was initially listed under Atlantic know...a city that wants people to visit.

Wait. Of course there are some wondering why Patís and Genoís are listed under Atlantic City when Patís and Genoís are both in Philly. This is why. In my humble opinion, Philadelphia Pennsylvania is a beautiful city, filled with irreplaceable history and glorious architecture. Itís not to be missed. Now, every collection of people brings with it a particular percentage of abject idiots. Trust me, I grew up in Youngstown, Iíve been to New York, Washington, Chicago, etc., and drunken brainlessness is not new to me. I canít say for certain that Philly has a greater concentration of obtuse reactionaries, but it does appear to be a place where they are worshiped as some sort of archetype. I think there are likely better life goals than moron. Iím not here to preach, but my opinion, enjoy a cheesesteak, a museum, the cracked bellÖbut stay somewhere else, you will feel safer and much more welcome.

Okay so enough about the city, there are treasures (people included) contained within. The first is a must try, settling a debate that has raged for ages in the city. While there are other purveyors of the cheesesteak, most attention is focused on two locations right across the intersection from each other. Patís and Genoís. To me, there is no question, Patís steaks are far superior to Genoís. Truth be told, Genoís reminds me of the days as a kid I would make steak-ums at home. The thinly sliced ribeye at Patís makes all of the difference in the world and is so juicy you will be on the sidewalk doing the Philly-lean whether you know what it is or not as the delicious runs down to your elbows.

Be sure to study the sign and know how to order, as the Philly attitude is applied in an amusing way, and incorrect ordering will get you sent to the back of the line. One final note. I love cheeseÖnot Velveeta, thatís not cheese. Iím talking real honest to god cheese, there are so many great ones. Now the original steak at Patís includes a healthy dose of cheese whiz. Yes, thatís right, that neon yellow plastic goo that comes in #10 cans. My first trip to Patís I ordered Provolone, who in their right mind would get that glop? Well, in an effort to understand I tried the original and it just goes to show you that your pretentiousness can get in the way of wonder. That crazy yellow stuff was created for the cheesesteak, salty and velvety I have never had anything else since.

This is one of those rare treats that must be enjoyed standing on the sidewalk in South Philly. Others have tried to mimic the original but nothing comes close. Remember though, dine and dash, in the daylight hours. And avoid the sports venues, they are large magnets for stupid.

Reading Terminal Market

On an additional note, should you find yourself traveling through Philly and you enjoy food, be sure to visit the Reading Terminal Market. A standing tribute to the wily nature of farmers over business folk, the floor level of the old rail terminal is an amusement park ride of real food in a stall by stall assault similar to the Wonka factory. From Guinness Stout infused cheddar cheese to killer fried chicken, there are dozens of treats for everyone. Try everything including the beautiful brisket sandwiches with the pungent sharp cheese and do not miss Delilahís. Everyone up to Oprah talks about her Mac n Cheese which IS fabulous, but donít miss her fried chicken. Like any good fried chicken it is crispy outside and moist and delicious inside. What sets herís apart are the transitions on the palate. It starts off wonderfully salty and then goes through a series of new flavors which grow and fade including something with a vinegary tang and finishes with an almost imperceptible cayenne style heat. Fantastic!

After a recent Cheesesteak Run we stopped by the Market and found a place called Tommy Dinic's selling different sandwiches. They do have roast beef but what everyone seemed to be walking away with was roast pork, so that's what we walked away with. Unbelievable. Super succulent and juicy pork is piled into a serious Italian roll, topped with bitter broccoli rabe and pointedly sharp provolone. Four ingredients, maybe the best and most memorable sandwich I have had. Get One!





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