Las Vegas, Nevada                 Date of Visit: 12/20/09           

So I readily admit, I am a homer when it comes to the art of the 5-4-3 ground stuffed casing. Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe in Girard Ohio uses simple Sugardale dogs and average buns, but the sauce and cheese make this a contender for a last meal on death row. So we are going to Pink's, legend of Los Angeles, I'm not happy. This might shake one my foundations of all things devourable.







Now those are toppings

Jib Jab remains closest to my heart, but  Pink's in Vegas is everything you hope for in a dog shop. I don't know how it compares to the original in California, never been. We did overhear one woman in line remark that it was exactly like the original but I can't vouch for either. I mean, she didn't even stay to eat...instantly suspect, but the place seemed clean, looked like the original on the tube, at least, and was packed. There are more dogs than you can shake a stick at, and in combinations that sound both ridiculous and decadent. Wanting to try a few we ordered four dogs and gave the fries and rings a shot.



When you see the toppings you will quickly realize that eating all 4 would be a tall order,  even someone with my years of preparation, but the little birdies in the open air dining area were greatly appreciative. We tried the following a BBQ Coleslaw dog, a Chicago- Style Polish, a Chili Cheese and Bacon dog, and a Mushroom and Swiss.


BBQ Slaw & Polish Chicago

Bacon Chili Cheese & Mushroom Swiss
  The hot dogs themselves are actually very good, not something I particularly expected having seen the lengths they go to in covering them up. You cannot miss the audible crack of the casing as you bite through, and the flavor is appealing. Just a moment about the Polish. My first real Chicago-style dog was in Comerica Park at a Sox game, a local devotee having walked a very long distance to procure them (Thanks again Michael). As far as the veggies on their Chicago, I think Pink's missed the boat, it's just not the same, no tang or spice. But the sausage itself is soooooooo damn good, I didn't at all mind. Beside the little birdies need veggies to go along with their buns anyways. I didn't really get the shroom and swiss dog but the chili bacon cheese was a inspired classic with crispy bacon and rich earthy chili. The slaw dog with BBQ was a great combination although the dog got lost in the equation. Realistically everything was delicious. All in all, the California folk do have something to crow about, at least I hope the original is as good. Hmmmm. What possible excuse could their be to go to L.A.?

The Whole Delicious Mess




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