Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/13/12        

So we are in Columbus to hang with a rock star and what is also in town…the Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest. Over 40 food trucks have converged on the Columbus Commons downtown and thousands of people like ants are scurrying from truck to truck to find their meals. We were lucky and started early, just before the locusts really began to descend and drive wait times past the affordable. Even so we only managed to hit two trucks out of our planned three…mostly because we picked trucks where the lines were already long (due to menu items and word of mouth)…a good sign for good chowage.



Just A Corner Of Food Truck Central

Our first stop was Pitabilities which featured salads and a number of sandwiches in, of course, pita bread. We tried the Buffalo chicken and the BBQ chicken options which were both served in paper boat/paper wrap combos. The Buffalo chicken was actually pretty spectacular with a nice punch of tart heat on the grilled chicken and a thick nest of cold lettuce, tomato and onion. The whole pile had a bleu-y cream sauce stripped over the top resulting in a sandwich that contained everything you would look for in a Buffalo style sandwich without the fryer being pressed to service.

The BBQ option was another matter, in a great way. Even better than the buffalo pita the BBQ contained chicken in sauce with thick shreds of cheese and another sauce drizzled over-top. The chicken was tender. The Q sauce was clingy and layered with loads of complimentary flavors, starting sweetly and resolving into a bit of heat and varying spices. It was delicious. Add the cheese and an odd mayo based sauce and it was easy to see why the line continued to grow behind us at Pitabilities.


If You Like It Hot They Have Almost Everything

Surprisingly Good Buffalo

Exceptional Blend Of BBQ Flavors, Plus A Few Additions That Really Worked




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